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Sony Reveals Enhanced Online Trophy Viewing |

Due to popular demand, Sony will be adding better trophy viewing support online. There’s some pretty cool stuff there. Also, it’s about time we get an updated version of the portable ID over here in the states (I still think it’d be nice if we could pick from different resolutions). Sounds like they got quite a few things going on there. Here are the details from the Official PlayStation Blog:

  • View detailed info on your trophies on
  • Compare your trophies with multiple friends and other PSN ID’s
  • Compare details on trophies within each game
  • Track your progress to the next level against friends
  • See what trophies you have and what you still need to unlock for each game
  • Use the sorting features to plan your game domination

Keep in mind, they did say available later this week, but no exact date was specified. Will probably go into effect Friday, though.

  • the americans finally caught up with europe. we’ve been able to do this for a while, see;
    although the europe site displays it in a different way, we seem to have more in-depth profile cards too.

  • Angus-MacGyver-

    This is great and all, but where are the updates for the PS3 itself? Like access to XMB while watching a movie or playing BC games, and cross game chat. Hopefully 3.0 will bring some new features, but I remember reading that it won’t be as large as the rumor mill has suggested.

  • JimmyMagnum

    THAT probably won’t be announced until GamesCom next week