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The Weekly Recap (August 9-15) |

It’s been a somewhat slow week. Now that I have this new layout for the Weekly Recaps, it takes just a little longer for me to make it :P. I’m also going to show off trailers, after you go to the comment section, for interesting new releases this week, such as Blu-Ray, theater and games. Well, anyway, without boring you guys to death, here’s the Recap for this week:

For the week, we only netted in 26 submissions (excluding QuickNews, Mockers news and Community news). As far as ‘Contributor of the Week’ goes, that is awarded to Thepreppymonk with 5 submissions. Good going! I was one post short of keeping my streak (though tied with you) :P.

Other than that, we got a few more bits of info for the community. First off, let me congratulate Kicks on winning the $20 PSN Giftcard! If you haven’t done so already, check your email inbox for the code! Also, just to get it out there, if you use Life with PlayStation, be sure to join the blog’s group (55054) and help with the project!

We also got, yet, another Giveaway! This will only be available to those who live near NYC (or will be able to be there) to attend a Need for Speed Press Event (2 free passes)! The event will take place August 27th. For contest information, click here.

Amigurumi Boy Cat Toy.
Trev – August 10th

Tekken 6 Media Monday
Tosh – August 10th

Netflix Not Coming to PS3
Darrin – August 11th

Hong Kong Magazine Confirmes PS3 Slim With Fake Image
Eddie – August 12th

New Xi Home Space this week.
Tosh – August 12th

New Firmware Update?
Thepreppymonk – August 12th

A PS3 Slim Ghost Story.
Trev – August 12th

MAG Beta Invites going out
Tosh – August 12th

Some More Home Updates
JimmyMagnum – August 12th

Brütal Sackboy.
Trev – August 12th

And Let it Be Said…PS3 Slim…Confirmed $299 by Best Buy Ad? Or Fake Again?
Eddie – August 12th

Sony Reveals Enhanced Online Trophy Viewing
JimmyMagnum – August 12th

Aliens vs Predator – player classes will be balanced
Tosh – August 13th

What’s new with the PSP go?
Thepreppymonk – August 13th

Impulse buyers rejoice
Thepreppymonk – August 13th

Fat Princess Review: Single and Multiplayer
Thepreppymonk – August 13th

Valve Not Trying to Understand the PS3
Eddie – August 14th

Preview: id Software – RAGE
JimmyMagnum – August 14th

Cryteks view on the power of the PS3
Thepreppymonk – August 14th

July 2009 Hardware Sales
Darrin – August 14th

An Advertisement that looks true
Thepreppymonk – August 14th

New Channel added to Life With PlayStation
Tosh – August 14th

Top 9 Reasons to Localize Yakuza 3
Darrin – August 14th

Another Wacky Sony Patent!
JimmyMagnum – August 14th

Judge Gives Go-Ahead for Lawsuit Against EA
JimmyMagnum – August 15th

LBP Community Levels: The Best of the Best!
Fleakitten – August 15th

Blu-ray Releases for the week of 8.10.09
Tosh – August 10th

$10 PSN cards coming
Tosh – August 12th

Europe to Finally Get Video Store
JimmyMagnum – August 12th

Winner of $20 PSN Card from
Tosh – August 13th

Over 4 Minutes of Uncharted 2 Single Player
Tosh – August 14th

Photo Comparison of Uncharted 1 and 2
Tosh – August 14th

MAG to be Released on January 26th, 2010
JimmyMagnum – August 14th

Capcom Will be Showing Off Lost Planet 2 on PS3 at GamesCom
JimmyMagnum – August 15th

New Beach Space in Asian ‘Home’
JimmyMagnum – August 15th

Nothing totally new for the Mockers, but just an FYI, we are still looking for your suggestions for Game Nights to play together! Remember, we aren’t a competitive Clan and are more into it for fun than anything!

Wolfenstein (August 18th)
Smash Cars (August 20th – PSN Only)

As you can see, not much going on for the most part. This week, though, we should see a huge spike in news due to Europe’s biggest convention, GamesCom. Just for clarification, Sony has a press release on the 18th (Tuesday) that will last about an hour to an hour and a half (it was said to be 3 hours before, but there probably was a lack of communication there). Will we see these speculations and rumors prove true? Or will what everyone’s been thinking just wind up being false hopes? I guess this is the week we find out! Check the comments section for trailers of some of this week’s Games and Movies.



Smash Cars


The Last House on the Left (Unrated)

District 9


  1. Great work putting this together as usual 🙂

  2. Thepreppymonk

    Really, I won? I only did a couple post’s.

  3. JimmyMagnum

    @ Tosh:
    Thanks! I keep adding things to it though lol.

    lol, but keep in mind, we had a lot fewer posts this week and news was relatively dry, so I couldn’t find much to post about lol. I have an idea for an off topic article that I’ll probably do tomorrow since Sundays rarely have news anymore.

  4. Yea its been a slow week on news. Congrats though…and congrats to Kicks.

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