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First Wave of MAG Invites Sent Out |

No, this isn’t to sign up in an attempt to join (which was a week ago or so), but rather, actual entry into the beta. I got my email today saying that I have been chosen to participate in the beta. I am currently in the process of downloading the file (which is 298MB so it should be pretty quick to download.) There are a few bits of information contained within the email:

  • MAG Beta will only be available to play between the hours of 10AM to 1PM-PDT and 5PM and 8PM Monday through Friday
  • MAG will be showcased at GamesCom and need as many players playing as possible, so these are the scheduled times for GamesCom (all are in PDT):
    • August 19th 12AM to 1PM
    • August 20th 1AM to 1PM
    • August 21st 12AM to 1PM
    • August 22nd 12AM to 11AM
    • August 23rd 12AM to 9AM

This is more of a serious beta test than a lot of the ones I’ve been in (which were more or less exclusive demos). They seem to be really serious about bug reporting, etc. so hopefully we’ll be able to see any much needed improvement for any serious bugs that may happen to show up. The MAG Beta Central site is where that will be taken care of (as are pretty much all other betas).

This is one hell of an ambitious game. Here’s hoping Zipper Interactive can pull this one off! If anyone else made it into the beta, I’ll see YOU on the field!

Alrighty, after it downloaded and installed, you then had to get a 33MB patch (1.01) and then when it starts up again, it goes through an in-game update, which is about 2 GBs, so it’s going to take a lot longer to get it going than expected hehe. Good thing I do periodical clean ups on drive space.

  • Fatalveli

    and i got a invite so im downloading the huge file now

  • Fatalveli

    ps3 ID is same as my user name here if ya want to add me just reference this site and were good to go

  • JimmyMagnum

    hopefully you dont get the same issue as me. It was downloading the big file and then I went back to check it out and it said error downloading. Closed the program and reopened and it wouldnt even start downloaging the update and the error instantly came up. Now I have to redownload the original 298MB file, then the patch, and then start the big one again. It doesn’t save to the game data folder either, it’s the actual program it saves it to, so I had to delete that. Weird thing was, it claimed it was already 23XXMBs big.

  • JimmyMagnum

    ah man, I’m going to wait until tomorrow to download and install that 2GB file. Tons of people are having the same issue, and its most likely due to server overload

  • hobbes

    yah.. network disconnect errors like crazy, not fun!

  • hobbes

    downloaded it all finally, but cannot connect to servers

  • JimmyMagnum

    cool, I might be able to now.

    Access to the actual game probably won’t start until either tonight or tomorrow, though. If it will be available today, we still have about 2 and a half hours before the servers would be running (since its only 7:34 and the scheduled times, except during the actual conference, is 10AM) But even then, PSN will be down for maintenance between 9AM and 11AM, so keep that in mind

  • Me not have any code. sigh..

  • Any of you guys have applied for beta or is it on auto-pilot?

  • JimmyMagnum

    first, at the PlayStation website, your profile has to be updated and have the beta option checked off, then you’ll be randomly selected for beta tests. As far as this beta goes, they had you sign up via email first and then they send you an actual invitation

  • MAG is going to be one big flop I predict.

  • I was given the opportunity to apply (via email), so I did. And I got in.