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Suda 51’s New PS3 Exclusive “Kurayami” |


Not much more is known then what was shown in the concept image above, but we did get a brief synopsis of what the game was to be about. It sounds pretty nice so far.

“In an unusual town full of odd locals, your stranded characters must explore the town and its castle to find a way out, using only his carried torch to light his way and to fend off the unexpected and unexplainable horrors that await. Advanced new lighting and graphic techniques are used to impress upon you the feeling of fear and loneliness (the tite “Kurayami” means “Darkness” in Japanese) as you venture through to the end of your quest.”

  • Trine

    Is it in-game on the left down corner of the pic? Becouse on the right the game seems to have a different style (cell shading?). Maybe on the left it’s a computer graphic render.

  • Darrin

    Source? Is that a print magazine scan?

    How do you know that this is PS3 exclusive?

    Wikipedia says that Suda 51 is working on a cross platform horror game with Q entertainment. This look like a horror game…

  • Eddie

    From the most recent interview, Suda made comments on how the PS3 has enabled him to do what he wanted to do with this game.

    I too thought it was cross platform but it looks like it may not be now.

    I’m sure it could go either way though. The article in which I found (several in fact) are all labeling this exclusive.

  • Eddie

    and all those images are concept art Trine.

  • Trine

    THX Eddie! 🙂