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Time for Another Round of “Real or Fake?” |


This is supposed to be the GamesCom document presented by Sony to the conference itself. It specifically says (PS3 Unannounced Product/Discretion Advised) on it.

The problem I have with this document mostly is that it shows Kaz Hirai as “Kaz” instead of his real name “Kazuo” Kaz is an basically an Americanized nick name and I don’t see it being on any official documentation.

What do you all think?

  • Either someone’s going through alot of trouble creating and spreading this rumor or there is actually a SLIM coming.

  • I call fake.

  • Kicks

    Tough call, but we’ll see
    I really hope they announce more details on the digital upgrade program for PSP owners

  • Ah yes, I forgot about the digital upgrade program. Hopefully they handle it well.

  • JimmyMagnum

    it’s not just the name, look at the date, set for September lol

  • Kicks

    JimmyMagnum :
    it’s not just the name, look at the date, set for September lol

    whoops! Good catch
    Why would something for gamescom be dated so far off?

  • good catches, both the ‘kaz’ and the date. fake…

  • JimmyMagnum

    another thing is the length. Conference wasn’t actually going to be 3 hours long. It’s been said that it will actually only be 1 to 1.5 hours (which is more realistic anyway)

  • Trieloth

    So what happens if the slim and or price drop dont happen? Are people, oh I mean the internet gonna freak out? Its almost like people are forcing Sony to do something, lol.

  • If these rumors are not true, Sony should heavily defend its position and let everyone know that they won’t cut the price, because people have stopped buying ps3’s in anticipation of the slim version. (Just look at NPD numbers..)

  • Eddie

    Actually Emrah…we do know that the 80 gig models are in fact becoming more rare and even gone in some stores especially over seas.

    there is definately a new sku at the very least coming. many european stores have already dropped the price as well.

  • Thepreppymonk

    @Eddie, they could just throw in another game and call it a sku change.

  • @Eddie, I was also trying to hint Sony’s recent silence about the matter, it may also be a sign of rumors being true..