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Clank Trailer for A Crack in Time |

The Ratchet & Clank games have always been fantastic, and this this Clank trailer is looking better than ever:


  1. JimmyMagnum

    makes me want to play ToD again lol. now all we need is for Naughty Dog to make a next gen Jak game and we’ll be in business. Better yet, a joint venture between Naughty Dog and Insomniac when the two universes collide. That’d be one hell of an awesome game lol

  2. JimmyStewart

    Cool! My wife will be super stoked to see this. She played through ToD to completion, which is rare for her. I still haven’t gotten round to it… and I think she’s waiting for me before she tackles that DLC we bought.

    Now I’m kind of tempted to skip all that and just start with this! I’m not a huge R&C fan by any means, but this does seem to look quite a bit nicer than the last outing. It’s certainly caught my interest.

  3. Watcher


    I’ve enjoyed every Rachet and Clank game and had the fortune of finishing them all. I suggest to you to play as many titles of the series as possible. They’re not all the same.
    Each game has a slew of unique weapons and gadgets (Except the R.Y.N.O. which is featured in many of the titles), which gives each title a unique feel. ToD wasn’t like Up your Arsenal, which in turn was different from Going Commando.

    Crack in Time is a continuation to the story arc, which began in ToD. Quest for Booty revealed a little more, but Insomniac hinted that this is going to be a trilogy. Starting from Crack in Time may throw you off story wise.

  4. First day Purchase or me. This and Uncharted 2 are going to make the Fall great.
    I can’t believe how great it looks.

  5. First day purchase for me too ! This game looks AWESOME ! I’ve played every ratchet since the Going Commando (the second), and they never disappoints (except for Deadlocked, which sucked). I do hope that Crack In Time is a little more “unleashed” that what ToD was…. we were used to more carnage in the PS2 games 🙂

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