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GT5 Damage in Action. |

Unfortunately i can’t embed but the video can be seen here. Looks pretty good but still a bit bumber car like.


  1. JimmyMagnum

    lol, i was just going to put this in the shoutbox

  2. I also think they still look a bit bumpy. The other car behind also does a lot of bumping and hitting, but I failed to see any dents on it.

  3. Stephencr

    the system for damage is limited?

  4. JimmyMagnum

    same here, but at least we got something. I mean there arent any other games with licensed cars and damage modeling that you can actually lose doors on

  5. This kind of damaging are boring, we want blood and fire!!!!

  6. If it wasn’t bumper car like, your race would have been over the first time you hit the wall. This look great.

  7. Angus-MacGyver-

    The idea of Gran Tourismo has always been to NOT crash. I remember on GT3 being punished for the slightest tap by being passed. I like to go through races without crashing, but sometimes I find it nice to bump cars while coming through on corners to help straighten out. Hopefully they will have smoothed out the unrealistic looks.

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