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PS3 Slim vs XBox 360 Price comparison |

PCWorld did a comparison of the PS3 Slim vs the XBox 360. Check it out.

  • Kicks

    I wish for the sake of keeping fanboys quiet that they’d stop using the wifi argument or make it an optional accessory when doing comparisons.

    Wifi is nice and all, but if I can be wired I’d do that any day. 🙂

  • I’d be wired if I could, but it’s not an option for me really. Hard to hide wires with hard wood floors. And I’m not going to hide them in the wall either.

  • Great comparison! Another thing that you might want to add is the cost of turning a 360’s controller rechargeable since that comes standard for a PS3.

    People get short sighted about how quickly prices add up, and Microsoft has definitely learned to work that angle.


  • How much does the recharge kit cost for the 360 per controller? How do you charge the controller by default on the 360?

  • Since the 360 stuff seems to be on sale, the difference isn’t as great as I though it’d be. Turns out it’s about $3 cheaper per PS3 controller given the current price on Amazon (Aug. 18, 09).

    Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit $17.99 per controller
    Xbox 360 Wireless Controller $27.99 per controller
    Total $45.98


    PS3 Wireless Controller $42.99 per controller

  • JimmyMagnum

    regular price the 360 controller itself is $50 and the play and charge kit regular price is $20. $70 for a controller that would do the same stuff (minus the motion sensing) as the $55 Dualshock 3. quite a difference in terms of regular price

  • JimmyMagnum

    to charge the controller without a play and charge kit, you either have to keep buying AA batteries or get rechargeable AAs and charge them up on the wall adapter they came with, thus not allowing you to play while they’re charging unless you have a backup pair

  • JimmyStewart

    The chart might have been better if they put the actual prices at the bottom instead of the “things we’re going to add to the price”. But honestly, all in all it’s what I expected and mirror’s Sony’s attempt to do the same thing a few years ago.

    Of course as people have already mentioned here, the Wifi should be eliminated from any cost immediately. As should the hard drive for the most part, IIRC it’s not required for a single game on the 360. While (again IIRC) it is for the PS3 as games have those mandatory installs. Hence the PS3 needs the drive, the 360 does not.

    Also I agree with a poster on the actual blog post who brings up the ridiculous price of $40 for an HDMI cable with the PS3. That is incredibly unfair. I picked up all of my HDMI cables for under $5 a piece!!!

  • JimmyStewart

    Oh and a bit more on the comparisons between the DualShock 3 and the 360 controller. One of my favorite things about the 360 is that when I’m having a gaming session of say Halo 3 and the controllers battery cuts out I can simply pop out a battery from my “quick charge kit” and pop it right in the controller. It takes seconds, literally. After having this feature the idea of going back to a controller like the DualShock is CRAZY to me! The thought of having a controller die an then being forced to hunch over and try to find a USB cable, stick it in to the USB slot, plug it in to the controller and then I get the added benefit of sitting on the floor near the console for the rest of the night… UGH! No thanks.

    We so rarely game on the PS3 that so far this hasn’t been an issue. But if I gamed on the PS3 to even half the degree I do on the 360 it would be a HUGE issue. It’s something I honestly never thought about until just now. How do you avid gamers on the PS3 do it? Extra long USB cables or do you always play wired when in a multiplayer game?

  • I still have my $5 HDMI cable from when I first got my PS3. Still works great. I’ve never had a gaming session where my battery would run out, even so I have an extra controller charging.

  • JimmyStewart, I hear your preference for the 360’s controller design based on the possibility that a battery might die. I have 3 controllers, so it seems like one or two are always plugged in. I just rotate my active and passive controllers. And, naturally, when I’m streaming or playing movies, they’re all charging.

  • Kicks

    I just use a 10′ USB cable while charging my controllers so it isn’t a problem at all. I really do like the fact that they come with a standard usb port (why’d they go back to non standard usb for the go….)

    You could also easily get either the official sony usb charger or a cheap one off of the internet to prevent you from being hunched over near your ps3

  • JimmyMagnum

    JS seems to wine and complain a lot lol. My PS3’s charge lasts a lot longer than my 360, and even then, I just pop in the USB cable I have (that was really cheap and about 10 feet long) and have no issues with it since my sitting area is only about 5 or 6 feet from the console anyway. No need to pop off the cover and stick in batteries, interrupting my gameplay when just popping in a USB cable takes a fraction of that time. I don’t have to get up looking for any batteries either.

    As far as anything else goes, the Wii controller uses up the most battery power. Other than that, I haven’t touched my 360 for about a week (it was about a month before that when I touched it before) and I still use my PS3 daily. Most of the time, I only go on the 360 to see if they have any new demos to try. rarely ever play actual games now

  • Gibb

    It just shows again how feature-packed the system is “out-of-the-box”.

  • Rufus Cole

    There are two irresputable facts. The Playstation 3 has a technological superiority and dollar for dollar including start-up and cumulative costs, it is the most cost effective gaming console. But even then it is still important to Compare Playstation 3 Prices, particularly regarding Microsofts bullish pricing strategies and marketing. I also concur with #13 about the thirsty Wiimote battery consumption. But I think Sony are overlooking the importance of a strong online gaming environment the Xbox LIVE is despite the monthly subscription, and it is here where I think dollars will eventually be won or lost.