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New FFXIII info from GamesCom |


  • Final Fantasy XIII will ship simultaneously on PS3 and Xbox 360 in North America and Europe in Spring 2010
  • PS3 version is 90% completed and the 360 version is 70% completed
  • The Xbox 360 version will most likely fit on 3 DVDs
  • The content and visuals between the two version will be almost identical, there maybe some subtle differences
  • The English voice-over will be lip-synced, so no dual language track is planned
  • Two brand new characters will be revealed soon in Japan. One is a young girl with silvery blond hair tied in a ponytail, and wear a sci-fi schoolgirl outfit, pink pleated skirt and lavish white top
  • The second is Sazh’s little son, with an adorable afro and innocent smile
  • The Paradigm Shift system was shown, in which your character’s setting can be modified. Available options are Overwhelm, Peacemaker and Aggression
  • A new area called Lake Bilge: The Waters Stilled is unveiled

I’m more interested in FFXIII Versus and FFXIV but FFXIII sounds like it’s is shaping up pretty good. I hope it’s worth the wait for most fans, unlike that other FF game *cough FFXII cough*


  1. Stephencr

    I hope the ps3 version has better quality as presented, because the demo has lost much of the 360 quality graphics

  2. No Kill Tayler

    People have been saying that for some time now, does anyone have a before and after pic when the 360 hit production?

  3. Trieloth

    Iam not sure if Iam excited for a gimped out square game. Most of the games that they have been releasing for the 360 have sucked.

  4. No Kill Tayler

    The first five minutes of infinite undiscovery and i exited the game. It was that bad.
    Blue Dragon however, was pretty well made. Except for the actors.

  5. To think I was envious of all the love they’ve shown the 360 when all they’ve made so far pales in comparison to the few rpgs the PS3 has.

    All I want now is TOV for the PS3 to get a NA release.

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