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The Weekly Recap (August 16-22) |

The Weekly Recap
The GamesCom Edition

Well, no surprise here. This week was one of the busiest in a long time. GamesCom took place this week (in fact, it’s just about over). Tons of new announcements and unveilings took place (some were expected, though) and the news kept flowing in at a pretty steady rate since Tuesday, when the PS3 Slim was announced at the Sony press conference.

News will probably trickle through for a few weeks until Tokyo Game Show next month, when we should be seeing quite a few new goodies coming out for Sony’s devices. Keep your calendars marked for that event as well! Now, I present to you, readers, the meat and potatoes of this week:

Blog Community News

Holy crap what a week. Not much in terms of actual community news, but just a heads up, that contest is still open for that Need for Speed: Shift Press Event. So far, we only have but a couple people entered, so if you live in the NYC are, or close to it, please sign up for some press passes! You can get more info about that here.

Also a heads up, the community has been replaced with an actual forum, so be sure to check it out! You’re able to post pretty much anything (except for vulgarities, pornography, etc.). As you’ll notice, this particular section has been updated with a few additions, but I’ll start with the usual. ‘Contributor of the Week’ goes to JimmyMagnum for a total of 12 posts out of 48 (which also gives us yet a new record that will take a long time to surpass).

As far as a few of the other things go, we got a new addition, ‘Topic with the Most Comments’ (minus any trackbacks). We actually have a tie this week. Both More PS3 Slim Shots & Details and Sony’s John Koller Answers Questions About PS3 Slim (by Darrin and Gary respectively) have 16 total comments (as of this writing). There were a few other close ones with 14 and 15, though.

Now, here’s another new section. It’s our weekly trivia. You don’t get any prizes or anything, though :P. It’s just for fun and adds a little more substance to the Recap. Here’s this week’s question:

This plane was mainly used as bomber escort fighters in WWII over Germany and was powered by a Packard V-1650, a two-stage two-speed supercharged version of the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine and its armaments consisted of six .50 in (12.7 mm) M2 Browning machine guns. What was the manufacturer, model and designation of the plane?

Also, keep in mind, there’s a LOT more in the recap after you get into the comments section. Be sure to check it all out!

PlayStation Gaming News

PlayStation Rewind – Tomba!
JimmyMagnum – August 16th

Dual Shock D-Pad is 360 Degrees.
Trev – August 17th

Time for Another Round of “Real or Fake?”
Eddie – August 17th

PS3 CodecSys H.264 Encoder Review
Repdetect2 – August 17th

New PS3 Box Art Style?
Trev – August 17th

LBP GOTY Edition Gets ModNation Racers Beta Access
Eddie – August 17th

Suda 51’s New PS3 Exclusive “Kurayami”
Eddie – August 17th

First Wave of MAG Invites Sent Out
JimmyMagnum – August 17th

Sears and Kmart Website Confirmed PS3 Slim $299
Eddie – August 18th

Don’t Freak Out – PSN Will Be Under Maintenance Today
JimmyMagnum – August 18th

EVE Online Developer Creating FPS MMO for Consoles
JimmyMagnum – August 18th

LittleBigPlanet To Get Water
Darrin – August 18th

Live Coverage of Sony Press Event at Gamescom
Tosh – August 18th

PS3 Firmware 3.00 Coming Soon
JimmyMagnum – August 18th

PS3 Slim Introduced – As Well as the Price Cut
JimmyMagnum – August 18th

More PS3 Slim Shots & Details
Darrin – August 18th

New PSN Exclusive: Dead Nation
Darrin – August 18th

PS3 Slim Vertical Stand and Firmware 3.0 out Sept. 1st [Update]
Tosh – August 18th

Unboxing of PS3 Slim
Tosh – August 18th

New White Knight Chronicles trailer from GamesCom
fleakitten – August 18th

Gran Turismo 5 Game Features Announced
fleakitten – August 18th

Gamescom: PS3 Motion Controller in action
Tosh – August 18th

Clank Trailer for A Crack in Time
Darrin – August 18th

FFXIV First In-Game Video
Eddie – August 19th

Bunch of trailers, just for you.
No Kill Tayler – August 19th

GamesCom – PSP Minis and Digital Reader
JimmyMagnum – August 19th

FIFA 10 and PES 2010 Trailers.
Trev – August 19th

GamesCom: Uncharted 2 Trailer
Tosh – August 19th

Photos of PS3 Slim Vertical Stand
Tosh – August 19th

Sony’s John Koller Answers Questions About PS3 Slim
Gary – August 19th

GT5 Damage in Action.
Trev – August 19th

Major PlayStation Home Update Coming Fall
Darrin – August 19th

GamesCom 09 | Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker co-op details
Tosh – August 20th

Games Industry Roars with Praise over the $299 PS3 Slim
Darrin – August 20th

GamesCom 09: Tekken 6 Trailers
Tosh – August 20th

3D Dot Game Heroes Screens
Tosh – August 20th

Colin McRae DiRT 2 Demo Impressions.
Trev – August 20th

Heavy Rain Developer Rants
Darrin – August 20th

New FFXIII info from GamesCom
fleakitten – August 21st

Teases and nudges from Titan
No Kill Tayler – August 21st

Psyclone TouchCharge Kit for PS3 Review
Tosh – August 21st

Despite Price Cut and New Model, Sony’s Stocks Still on Decline
JimmyMagnum – August 21st

Sultry video of the PS3 Slim and it’s removable hard drive
Tosh – August 21st

SOCOM Confrontation Patch 1.50 Available Tuesday
JimmyMagnum – August 21st

Impressions: IL-2 Sturmovik Birds of Prey Demo
JimmyMagnum – August 21st

Bitstreaming of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA Supported in Slim Model
JimmyMagnum – August 22nd

Square Enix Reviving “Thexder” for PSP/PS3
Eddie – August 22nd

LittleBigPlanet on PSP Loses Multiplayer?
JimmyMagnum – August 22nd


Pre-order Guitar Hero 5 get Guitar Hero Van Halen free
Tosh – August 17th

Blu-ray Releases for the week of 8.17.09
Tosh – August 17th

Insomniac’s New PS3 Exclusive is in Playable Form.
fleakitten – August 17th

Sony Style Selling Refurbished 40GB PS3
JimmyMagnum – August 18th

Discuss Sony’s Gamescom Conference
Tosh – August 18th

High Resolution Photos of the PS3 Slim
Tosh – August 18th

PS3 Slim Spec Sheet
Tosh – August 18th

Live: Namco Bandai GamesCom 2009 press conference
Tosh – August 19th

How to Replace the HDD on the PS3 Slim | Photos
Tosh – August 19th

PS3 Slim vs XBox 360 Price comparison
Tosh – August 19th now has a forum
Tosh – August 19th

PS3 Slim Advertisement
Tosh – August 19th

PS3 Slim Pre-order options
Tosh – August 20th

Recent Comments
Tosh – August 21st

Beta for LittleBigWaterPlanet
Tosh – August 21st

New Game Releases

Batman: Arkham Asylum* (August 25th Collectors Edition also available)
Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao (August 27th, PSN)

* Amazon has it currently on sale for $51.99

Poll Results

PS3Blog’s New Look and Features

  • Love it (39) 57% of all votes
  • It’s ok (19) 28% of all votes
  • Don’t like it (7) 10% of all votes
  • Miss the old theme (4) 6% of all votes

Be sure to vote in the current poll: Will you get a PS3 Slim?

All in all, it’s been one crazy week. 48 posts is a heck of a lot to be posted, and that doesn’t even include the numerous QuickNews updates we got in this week! Now we will be stuck in yet another dry spell for just a few more weeks until the Tokyo Game Show makes the headlines. We will probably get some GamesCom news trickle down here and there for a few more days, though, so keep your eyes on the site! Anyway, check out a few trailers for movies and games to be released this week:


Batman: Arkham Asylum

Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao



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