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GT5 Accidentally Confirmed for Q4 2009 (Among Other Info) |

According to IGN, a couple details have been officially confirmed for GT5. It will have a Q4 2009 release date, 1000 vehicles (including electric), and 20 tracks (with 60 different variants of the tracks in all). Information was posted on the official Polyphony site, but has since been removed. Tokyo Game Show should have a lot more GT5 information next month.

  • Including electric vehicles.. that’s pretty cool actually. Wonder if you can upgrade your electric vehicle.

  • JimmyMagnum

    like a gas powered engine lmao. I wish GT5 did allow you to do engine swaps, though. That way, I can get a small block Chevrolet and drop in like a 427 or a 454 (or a 502 or 572 if you want to get ridiculous) but that’s just me. GT5 also needs to let you make your own race liveries on cars. On Forza 2, I have a ’68 Barracuda that actually looks like a race car because of it’s paint design and sponsor decals (main colors are silver and black, with the same color blue as the Mopar M tearing through the front fender. Looks awesome)