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PS3 hardware rises 30% after price drop. |

According to VGChartz sales of the PS3 have jumped less than a week after Sony’s annoucement of an imminent price drop for the system and a new SLIM model.

We have compiled our latest Americas hardware data for the week ending 22nd August and in the three days following the price cut, daily PS3 hardware saw around a 30% increase. Overall, sales are up a modest 12% week on week (and sales have been down significantly the last few weeks) – so maybe not as large a boost as many had expected. The reasons for this are twofold:

Consumers are waiting for the new model PS3 which launches on September 1st.Stocks of the existing model are starting to become quite low in the US – indeed the entire reason for the price cut is to get rid of the last of the stock to make way for the new model.

In those same three days, preorders for the slimline PS3 were actually greater than sales for the current PS3, with each day larger than the previous. If this pattern continues, preorders could top 60,000 in America alone by this time next week – suggesting a week one of around 100,000. The same week, Microsoft lowers the Elite price to $299 to match the slimline PS3. Recent Xbox 360 sales in the Americas have been around 60,000 so we expect PS3 to be ahead of 360 for a couple of weeks but it will be interesting to see where both consoles settle.

Similar increases have been seen across Europe, Japan and Other regions, but far bigger increases are expected in September when the new model arrives. We project that September sales worldwide will be around double that of August – around 600,000 units. This will be the first time in 2009 that Sony posts a year on year increase.

While some say VGChartz isn’t a reliable source, NPD expects PS3 Hardware sales to increase by 40-60%. We’ll have to wait for the official NPD numbers next month and beyond to be certain but if VGChartz’  numbers are correct sales of the PS3 could easily surpass analyst’s expectations for the coming months.

  • JimmyMagnum

    if that is to be believed, then that’s just on the regular systems and not the slim model. Given that, imagine the percentage in sales that will increase when that is officially released and the number of preorders that have gone out already

  • wait, what’s this about an xbox 360 price drop? is that confirmed?

  • JimmyMagnum

    hasnt been confirmed, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did either. Everyone’s expecting them to do a price drop on the elite because of the PS3 price drop

  • ok, just caught up on the rumour mill.

    i don’t know if an elite price drop would make that much of a difference, since the only difference between the elite and their existing $299 sku is the hard drive size and an hdmi cable…

  • JimmyMagnum

    there’s also been some talk that they’re going to drop the pro system as well and put that price tag on the elite

  • Matt

    Should be “imminent” not “imminate “.

  • The 40% – 60% figure was slightly misquoted. The NDP analyst said that such a price drop typically produces those kind of results. The analyst did not say that the PS3 would get those results too. (Though it makes sense…)

    Also, there’s already a package deal here in Canada where you can get an Elite with WiFi and Halo 3 for $300 at The Source. (Hm, actually, the page has been taken down now.) Either way, it seems the way to go. Microsoft has to compete against the slim PS3, so it would makes sense to bundle WiFi, to get on par, and a game, to beat it. (Not looking at less obvious benefits like BD and free PSN.)

  • Trieloth

    Yes the price for the 360 is dropping on the same day as the slim comes out (elite $300). It sucks cuz I wont get any money for selling the stupid thing now.
    This price drop stuff is gonna get old. For the next two or three months everbodys blog is gonna be like “did the price drop save sony” “or “is it to little to late for sony”. I was hoping for a end to this but it wont happen for a while 🙁 . I just want to here about the GAMES nowdays .

  • Matt :

    Should be “imminent” not “imminate “.


    I think the price cut and the SLIM is going to have the biggest effect in Japan, since japanese gamers’ biggest complaint about the original PS3 is that it’s too heavy, or so I’ve heard.

    I also think Sony has the better exclusive software line up for the next 6-12 months compared to the 360. I just hope Sony advertises it’s AAA titles enough during those months.

  • Darrin

    OK, so vgchartz reports a 30% increase on PS3 fat-models being phased out due to the price drop, while most people are waiting for the newer slim SKU.

    BTW, my Amazon slim SKU preorder reports a 8/25 ship date and a 8/27 scheduled arrival date… It seems that Amazon and others will be selling slims slightly before 9/1.