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A Collection of GamesCom Interviews |

Here’s a collection of in-game interviews conducted by the Official PlayStation Blog. Some of these you’ve already seen, but here’s the whole collection (so far) in case you missed any:

ModNation Racers

Lost Planet 2

Heavy Rain

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

LittleBigPlanet on PSP

There will most likely be more, but if you’re at all interested, here are a couple “Virtual Booth Tours” as well:


Heavy Rain

ModNation Racers is looking very promising now, as is Heavy Rain. Uncharted 2 is obviously looking amazing and Lost Planet 2 should be awesome (the first one was great, though, I heard the PS3 version was crap (I played the 360 version myself)). And, despite the PSP LBP not having any multiplayer, I still look forward to seeing what people create despite barriers like there only being one 2D layer to work with now. Also, MAG is actually pretty decent, but still needs a lot of work. Could be a hit title when it’s released, though. Enjoy!

  • Who’s getting Lost Planet 2?

  • JimmyMagnum

    I’ll probably rent it. I like how with gamefly, you get the games in and can buy them straight up there, then they send you the case as well as your next game, and usually the games are in like-new condition, so it’s like try before you buy.

  • I’m getting Mod Nation Racers. It looks like Little big planet with Crash Team Racing / Mario Kart combined.