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Heavy Rain Script 16 Times Longer Then an Average Movie |


Movie scripts tend tend to be 120 pages with each page equal to 1 min of film time. Heavy Rain flops in at a heavy 2000 pages!

This is entirely due to the branching storyline with the players decision controlling the outcome of the game.

I’m really starting to like the sound of this game.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I heard that on the interview on the official blog yesterday. I was in shock lol. Imagine how exhaustive the voice work must have been!

  • Good thing they have Blu-ray to fit all that data onto, imagine how many dvd’s that would take up.

  • GamePro was stunned by this game. I hope it sells well.

  • Stephencr

    maybe we have one greate movie worthy the oscar hehehe

  • JimmyMagnum

    lol, wouldn’t it be funny if this became the first video game to actually win an Oscar (let alone, be nominated, despite it being just for film)? I’m looking at this game to be more of an interactive movie than a video game (which definitely can’t be a bad thing the way it’s shaping up to be)