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Why does the press hate the Sony PlayStation 3? |

Good Gear Guide  has written a pretty accurate  article on  Sony and why the gaming media/press hates the PS3.

The arrival of the PS3 Slim has done nothing to quell the fires of hatred from the gaming press. For reasons I can’t begin to fathom, fair and balanced journalism seems to have gone out the window when it comes to Sony, with many commentators treating the Nippon conglomerate with as much distaste as a sniffling swine flu victim. Just what has Sony done to tick you all off, exactly? Did Ken Kutaragi pee in your drinks? Did he punch you in the nose or steal your partner? Or is Sony simply an easy target to kick in the butt — like celebrity Tom Cruise or Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks?

 Whichever way you shake it, it’s obvious that certain elements of the press were determined to sink the PlayStation 3 before it even set sail. And the hate has only intensified over time — look no further than Gameplayer’s volatile Sony Gives 64 Million Gamers The Finger article for concrete proof. Even relatively sober critiques can’t help adding sensationalist headlines. (e.g. 10 things I hate about the PS3). Those of you who own a PlayStation 3 are already aware of the anti-PS3 bias in the press — it’s kind of hard to ignore. Well, it’s time that somebody made a stand. It’s time to step up to the plate and shout “no more!” To other games journalists I say: lay off Sony and the PlayStation 3. We need to bring balance and fairness back into games journalism.

The article goes on to remind those who obviously didn’t get the memo on how it was Sony who started the  motion technology with the Eye Toy.

Even the popularity of motion control can be partly attributed to Sony: the Sony EyeToy was a household name long before people started trashing their homes with nunchucks. At every turn, the PlayStation is there, helping to shape the video game landscape. So where’s the love, people? If Nintendo can get by on broken shovelware and a fading sense of nostalgia, surely Sony deserves better treatment? I know which console I’d rather be playing, anyway.

Since our community was recently hooked up with DSL, my Sony bashing brother ( who I’ve mention several times before ) has bought a PS3, plays T5DR: Online, and preordered Tekken 6( PS3) and Demon’s Souls. He even admitted after 3 years of riding the PS3 hate train and after 4 RROD 360s, that the PS3 is the better system. ( I think PSN being free vs LIVE was the turning point. )

I don’t know if the gaming media will ever change their biased stance toward Sony but I think gamers that used to be anti Sony since 2005 are slowly realising that they are missing out on a great, reliable  machine with the PS3.

 Read the full article here

  • JimmyMagnum

    Media coverage will probably not change too much. I wouldn’t be surprised if M$ payed off journalists to say negative things to garner more 360 sales. Some gamers are obviously coming to their senses now (look at your bro), but it’s a long and winding road before gaming media as a whole will have a more positive view on the console and company.

    I got a few friends who have actually decided to go PS3 after being big 360 fans. Only thing is, modern media needs a poster boy for doom and gloom scenarios, and they chose the PS3 to be the bastard child. Even when the slim was announced with a price cut, a bunch of places were posting their “too little too late” articles all over the place, despite the overwhelming number of preorders and potential sales.

    I have also been saying the same thing about motion control for a long time as well. It was, indeed, Sony who started it with the EyeToy. Problem is, they didn’t sell too well because of lack of advertising, etc. Now we got the PlayStation Eye, and I’ve yet to see a 360 camera-based game (if they even have any) that can recognize specific objects and put them in-game. Perfect example of what Sony created is the Eye of Judgment. Camera recognizes the card and makes the 3D model appear on screen, recognizing where you move the card, as well as which way it’s facing. Hmmm, sounds kinda like what Natal hopes to bring, which comes out late next year, but the EoJ came out, what, 2 years ago or so?

    As for me, I had 2 RROD and am currently on my 3rd. Its out of warranty now and I don’t want to risk bricking that one, so 99% of the games I buy and rent, I do so on the PS3. I rented Halo 3 to try it and I was freaking out because my 360 wouldn’t even read the disc! And the disc was practically brand new!

    In any case, can’t wait for Jimmy Stewart to come on here and wine and complain about the PS3!

  • Once I contacted an online mag (I think it was about a misleading article title that made the PS3 look bad, and they changed the title.

    So there ARE things we can do, even little peons like us.

  • Darrin

    Overall, I think the reaction to the $299 slim SKU has been very positive. The haters are still out there, and probably always will be.

    Also, the PS3’s fourth quarter games lineup is amazing, and that’s been getting lots of praise as well.

  • Smegmazor

    Screw the press. There’s only one 360 title that I’d like to see on the PS3 and that’s the Mass Effect franchise. Sure, things have been pretty slow for the type of games I usually like to play, but you better believe my blu-ray player comes in handy when I’m not gaming.

    Perhaps Jimmy is right about the journalists being paid off by M$ to trash Sony. We all know M$ drops tons of cash on getting those timed exclusives.

  • Darrin

    I don’t think Microsoft pays off journalists, many journalists are just fan boys.

    Sure, Microsoft pays for plenty of timed exclusives. Sony commissions plenty of studios to make permanent exclusives. These deals are very similar and both totally fair game.

    I like the way that one PC World article ends: “it seems to me that no matter what Sony does with its PS3, it may just be doomed to failure.” How can you take a major price drop and a slimmer, lighter, greener form factor and put such a negative spin on it? That is almost comically ridiculous.

  • mcloki

    Darrin, MS does pay off journalists, and fanboys. It’s called astroturffing. It’s a form of internet PR. Like having your developers post good reviews on Amazon and blogs. Stuff like that. Movie studios and game developers do it. Would it surprise you that MS or Sony or Nintendo did the same?

    In this day and age, the only thing you really have is, your own brain, to make up your own mind. The amount of “Copy and paste” journalism that occurs these days is amazing.

  • Smegmazor

    Mcloki, it’s funny you mentioned astroturfing because I swear I’ve seen it happen on G4TV against the PS3.

  • Watcher

    I agree with everything quoted in the Article. Sony and the PS3 is the system to hate this console generation. Many hated it before it was even released. To be fair Sony made some mistakes in the beginning, but who doesn’t? They got their acts together and the PS3 deserves to be analyzed with a clear lens.

    The PS3 has a slew of great games that have been overlooked or downplayed; and about the sku brewing, Microsoft has also released multiple 360 sku types, but Sony get all the bad press when they do same.

    The gaming press has bought into this console war to the point where the reviewers, Website publishers, and gaming store staff are taking sides. One must take caution in what information they accept as truth. Everyone has an opinion, but no one expresses it as loudly as the media.

  • Trieloth

    Iam so sick and tired of the hate. Whats it been now two or three years of this BS. I own a threesixty and always wonder wtf Iam thinking. I never turn the thing on. I enjoy the games but hate the ‘Live’ community. There a bunch of god damn Euphorians!

  • JimmyMagnum

    360 is the console with the most available SKUs at a given time. Minus the bundle packages, they had the Arcade, Pro and Elite systems sold simultaneously for an extended period of time (though, apparently, the Pro system might be phased out). Sony had 2 (the 80GB and 160GB (the 160 being a limited run) were the most recent).

    When the Slim comes out, technically, they will only have one, the 120 GB (though there is a legal filing for a 250GB version as well) which will do well during the holiday season because there isn’t any confusion as to which SKU to buy.

    I checked Best Buy just now, and there is only 3 SKUs listed in the PS3 hardware (the 80, 160 and 120) while the 360 has 6. These include 3 variants of the elite system, 1 Pro SKU, and 2 Arcade. Even if the Pro is phased out, they’ll still have 2 whereas there would be only one PS3 SKU, making a purchasing decision much easier for Sony.

    Also, anyone else find it funny how, given all the features the PS3 has, it’s still (currently) cheaper than the 360? If the Elite is dropped down to the $299 price point, it still doesn’t make up for the fact that PS3 is also a Blu-Ray player capable of also transmitting HD Audio sources. Plus it has ehternet and wireless built in. Can’t say the same for either the Wii or 360. Wii only has the wireless built in and the 360 just has ethernet.

    Wireless adapter for the 360 is $100, ethernet adapter for the Wii is about $25. I mean, if you have a wired network, you wouldn’t need a wireless adapter, but still, if you have no other choice than to go wireless, you’re going to have to drop another $100 into the system. And trust me, there’s a lot of those people out there. I did tech support for AT&T branded 2Wire modems and got a whole bunch of calls where people asked me how they can connect a 360 wirelessly, and then they get pissed off at me like I was the salesman who didn’t mention that you would have to buy the $100 wireless adapter, and then they threaten to cancel their DSL service because they weren’t planning on having to do that lol. What really gets me is why people would settle for a Wii in the first place, when they can get a better system for only $50 more, about a price of a game…

    (also, a little side note, there are also a lot of idiots who had called in after they bought their “wireless modem” and complained that there were cables in the box and asked me why they had to plug a power adapter into it if it’s supposed to be wireless lmao)

  • I just did an article mentioning this problem. The myth of Slow PS3 sales. Despite the PS3 outselling the 360 since it’s worldwide launch, the media still seems hellbent on portraying the PS3 as a “struggling” console. The sales data proves this is nonsense. Check it out.

  • Kyle K :

    I just did an article mentioning this problem. The myth of Slow PS3 sales. Despite the PS3 outselling the 360 since it’s worldwide launch, the media still seems hellbent on portraying the PS3 as a “struggling” console. The sales data proves this is nonsense. Check it out.

    I actually read that a few days ago. Great post.

  • Gibb

    I feel that the overall hate towards the PS3 has decreased since the rumor of the PS3 slim started.
    Most of the negatives, if not all, are gone by now. Even with all the FUD spread in the beginning I never doubted my PS3, it’s a solid state of the art HD gaming machine!

  • JimmyMagnum

    there’s still quite a bit, though. most of it now are still the doomsday reporters who say, as I said, the price cut is too little, too late.