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100 New Pieces of Content for PlayStation Home today |

Today you can snag the Killzone 2 Visari Throne Room. Which is personal space for you and your friends based on the final stage of Killzone 2.

Releasing in tandem with the Visari Throne Room will be a variety of virtual items that you can use to customize your area (including the Helghan Defense Painting – my personal fave).

Another new personal space is being released today. It’s called the Post-Apocalyptic Apartment. Sony is releasing about 70 items just for this space. I’m still waiting for my Japanese style apartment myself. More animated t-shirts will arrive today too. Check out the video below to see them in action.

As always, this week is jam-packed with events – and we’re counting on seeing you at all of them. Head on over to the official Home Clubs and Events sub-forum at for more details about our daily game launching parties…and a special celebrity look-a-like event planned for this Thursday in PlayStation Home where you can win some of the rarest items ever to appear in our world.

Over 100 New Pieces of Content Releasing This Thursday in PlayStation Home

Thanks for the tip Matt

  • Sinlock

    If Black Staffer still has the Club active we really need to set a meeting!!!

  • I actually purchased the Home Club for us. It is still active last I checked a week or so ago.