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PS3 Slim will save you some money on your power bill |

PS3 Slim

Engadget did some power tests putting the PS3 Slim against the 60GB PS3 Classic. The PS3 Slim beat the 60GB PS3 in every test except the “Plugged in / powered off” category but that was only by .01

Current (ampere)
Power (watt)
60GB PS3 Classic
PS3 Slim
60GB PS3 Classic
PS3 Slim
Plugged in / powered off 0.05 0.06 2 1
Browsing XMB 1.44 0.7 170 79
Downloading from PS Store 1.49 0.7 175 81
Installing LittleBigPlanet 1.40 0.64 162 74
Playing LittleBigPlanet 1.54 0.78 181 89
Playing Killzone 2 1.67 0.86 196 100
Watching a Blu-ray 1.44 0.68 167 75

Not only does the PS3 Slim use less power it’s also quieter. Heat wise it’s about the same as it was.

Also reduced is the noise of the machine, and in repeat tests, we stand by our initial results: it’s about 2 to 3 decibels quieter on average during gameplay, and up to 10 decibels quieter while watching Blu-ray movies.

Have any of you purchased a PS3 Slim? If so what do you think?

PlayStation 3 Slim review

  • JimmyStewart

    Thanks for that! Exactly the chart I was looking for to justify this “upgrade”. I wonder if saving half the power would give me an excuse to upgrade BOTH consoles…
    And gotta love the noise reduction!

  • No Kill Tayler

    I’m upgrading for this reason.
    My bill is in the 400’s :[

  • I am not sure… I’ve had several semesters eletrical engineering at uni, but what Engadget wrote here is a bit strange.

    W = V * A

    So, by using american 110Volts, you get 5.5W for the fat model in idle, and 6.6W for the new one. This is in line with what other sites have reported earlier, when the PS3 was newer. Either, their “Kill a Watt” has no “idle power compensation” (which screws with such measurements), or they have basically no idea what they are talking about.

    The rest of the numbers don’t fit either, but they are MUCH more in line with the usual maths.

    I’ll probably get a Slim next week and I might be able to present some numbers too… But this isn’t sure yet.

  • Sinlock

    The power savings is great but it wouldn’t make me upgrade and my PS3 is on at least 6 hours a day. And your certinly not going to knock $300 of your yearly eletrical bill.
    Better thing to to do is use CFL lights and lower the tempature setting on your water heater. When I had the power compony do an audit of my place a few years back a landed up cutting my avg monthly bill from 220 down to $151.

  • Qiko

    Yup, I bought another one for the kids.

  • Laufatu Mataipule

    Does the PS3 Slim have a HDMI port?

  • Yes, all PS3’s do.

  • dragon290513

    The reason i waited for the new 3000 to come out