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Social Networking features coming to the PS3? |

Sony has hinted at social networking coming the PlayStation 3 in a interview with the Financial Times. Do you think this would be an optional install if it was true or just come with the firmware? It could even tie into PlayStation Home if they wanted.

Sony is planning on implementing additional “social networking features” into the platform. Financial Times’ write-up mentions a possible “tie-up with popular sites such as Facebook,”

I myself don’t use social networking sites that much. I’m a member on a few, but not that active on them.

Sony: PS3 price cut not due to ‘market conditions,’ more social networking features on the way

  • JimmyMagnum

    lol, I use my facebook all the time. Not sure what you’d be able to really do except maybe rate games and the ratings going up on your facebook, etc. stuff like that maybe, or update itself and let people know you’re playing a game.

  • Not particularly fussed about this stuff. I have an account at Facebook, but I’m certainly not a regular user.

    I guess it’s okay for those who make use of it, but if i put my PS3 on, it’s to play a game or watch a Blu-ray. Anything like this, I’d probably still do on my PC.

  • they should tie up home with facebook/myspace etc to make home more attractive.

  • JimmyStewart

    Seemed like a pretty useless feature on the 360… seems equally useless here. Plus it smells a bit of the PS3 doing more “me-too” innovation. For the technological leader this round, they sure look to MS to push the bar.

    Granted, I don’t use any social networking sites for the most part. The closest I come is Last.FM and the 360 achievement related sites. So maybe if you’re way up on the Facebook and the Twitter this stuff is HUGE. But like JimmyMagnum says, not really sure what you can do. I already have Raptr updating my useless Twitter account with every 360 game I toss in. Not really sure what else adding support to a console would accomplish. Maybe you have to be 14 to understand.

  • mjm_007

    I like it.. I’m pretty regular on facebook and twitter.. kinda let myspace go a few years back. But i’m interested in what they do with it. linking it with Home would be a cool idea, that would “push the bar” a little higher than MS