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Disney to Acquire Marvel – How Will This Affect the PS3? |


This announcement came out of nowhere and I’m shocked that it happened to begin with. A 4 billion dollar purchase of Marvel is just huge news.

So how will this purchase affect gaming and the PS3? Lets look at a couple of things.

-Marvel has had some issues with Sony in the past with lawsuits over the Spiderman licensing deal.

-We know that Disney and Sony are on fairly good terms being that they were one of the bigger companies to first jump on blu-ray.

-We also know that Sony has strong ties to DC as they are working on an in-house DC Comic MMO.

I really have no predisposed opinions on whats going to happen…but I’ll tell you what I want to happen:


  • JimmyMagnum

    lmao, that would make Kingdom Hearts ridiculous! Not in a bad way though :P.

  • Disney better not interfere with the comics part of Marvel ……

    I’m not a fan of Disney at all.

  • Trieloth

    It just means sony and marvel will have to get along now.

  • mrfodder

    Well they are already getting along as Marvel comics will the first ones to appear for the PSP Digital Reader

  • to put things into perspective (maybe?) don’t forget disney also owns ABC, ESPN, pixar, miramax, and lots more.

  • Amy

    That would be amazing. But Disney owns all of (if not part of) every major company! I think it could bring some major improvements in comic style PS3 games. I think it’ll be a good thing for all Marvel, disney and Sony fans.

  • mcloki

    Tosh you can do your sig over.
    now you can put Pluto sitting beside Wolverine.


  • lol noooooooooooooo

  • Agree with JimmyMagnum! If ever Marvel characters would come to Kingdom of Hearts, that would totally look ridiculouos. I probably focus myself on playing aion rather than this one.