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Disney to Acquire Marvel – How Will This Affect the PS3? |


This announcement came out of nowhere and I’m shocked that it happened to begin with. A 4 billion dollar purchase of Marvel is just huge news.

So how will this purchase affect gaming and the PS3? Lets look at a couple of things.

-Marvel has had some issues with Sony in the past with lawsuits over the Spiderman licensing deal.

-We know that Disney and Sony are on fairly good terms being that they were one of the bigger companies to first jump on blu-ray.

-We also know that Sony has strong ties to DC as they are working on an in-house DC Comic MMO.

I really have no predisposed opinions on whats going to happen…but I’ll tell you what I want to happen:




  1. JimmyMagnum

    lmao, that would make Kingdom Hearts ridiculous! Not in a bad way though :P.

  2. Disney better not interfere with the comics part of Marvel ……

    I’m not a fan of Disney at all.

  3. Trieloth

    It just means sony and marvel will have to get along now.

  4. mrfodder

    Well they are already getting along as Marvel comics will the first ones to appear for the PSP Digital Reader

  5. to put things into perspective (maybe?) don’t forget disney also owns ABC, ESPN, pixar, miramax, and lots more.

  6. That would be amazing. But Disney owns all of (if not part of) every major company! I think it could bring some major improvements in comic style PS3 games. I think it’ll be a good thing for all Marvel, disney and Sony fans.

  7. Tosh you can do your sig over.
    now you can put Pluto sitting beside Wolverine.


  8. lol noooooooooooooo

  9. Agree with JimmyMagnum! If ever Marvel characters would come to Kingdom of Hearts, that would totally look ridiculouos. I probably focus myself on playing aion rather than this one.

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