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Battle Tanks Hitting PlayStation Store This Month |

To be honest, I hadn’t heard of this game until today! It’s looking good, though, and it might be worth checking out. Here are a few details on what the game is about:

Battle Tanks features World War II tanks that face off against each other in hopes to blow the other to smithereens. You can play against the AI or co-op with a friend in Campaign Mode to overcome 50 maze and paint ball-like levels. There’s also a fun multiplayer option also allows two to four people to challenge each other in Death Match modes or Capture the Flag mode.

There are also some details pertaining to gameplay, as detailed in this list:

  • Tanks use both projectiles and flamethrowers
  • Very simple controls
    • Left analog stick moves tank, R2 and L2 buttons fire weapons
    • L1 brings up aiming guide to help with projectile direction, etc.
  • When you die, in between spawn times, you can control gun turrets to continue with the battle
  • Has eye catching graphics and the gameplay is very addictive

The game will hit the PlayStation Store sometime this month at the price of $9.99. Hopefully we’ll get a demo to try it for ourselves before we decide to make a purchase (which I think should be required on all PSN titles). Anyway, continue on after the bump for a before and after shot of the game.

This shot was from the game after they went through the concept art and all that and had working code to work with. Even then, the game looked pretty good.

Here’s the final product. It’s looking great, but I’m more partial to the older version’s color palette, but on this one, you can see pretty much the entire playing field, which is great, especially for a game like this, and more detail throughout.

This might be one of those titles you’d play with friends all the time like the ol’ Bomberman games and whatnot. Can’t wait to see the reviews this game gets!

You can check out more of the early renditions and other tidbits at the Official PlayStation Blog.

  • No demo, no buy. No 60fps butter smooth gameplay, no buy. These small scale games should not have the luxury of working at 30fps.

  • Glenn

    Looks like a pimped Wii Play Tank game – which is extreme fun! But I’d spent no more that 5$ for this.
    Is this 4 player mode via psn or 4 players in front of 1 ps3?


  • Eddie

    Emrah is just ruthless lol…if it looks good…plays good…is good…I don’t care about fps or demo. Although I do wish every game had a demo.

  • Sinlock

    It’s been on the UK store for a few days now. Selling for 7.99 (pound)