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PS3 Dynamic Themes Thanks to 3.0 Update |

Thanks to version 3.0 software update on the PS3, we now have dynamic moving themes! I can already see me staring at an FFXIII Theme and completely forgetting to play a game! Most of these seem to be heading towards premium meaning they will cost, but these will be the first themes I’m ok with paying for.


  1. OMG! Someone made a FFXIII Versus animated Wallpaper!

    I want it.

  2. Who? where? when? I didn’t think this tech was available for home brew yet.

  3. It’s a link in the AFRIKA video. Here it is:

  4. Yea it is fake. Its running on the PC. Sony has not released the tech for this. It is not a video, it actually is an executeable file running in real time.

  5. Blast! My bubble has been burst and stepped on.

  6. Agreed… I’d pay for these, too.

  7. kenny6774

    Hey does the Afrika theme have more than just Zebra??

  8. No just the zebras.

  9. Stephencr

    Zebras a lot

  10. JimmyMagnum

    tha LBP one looks cool with the day/night cycle. Afrika theme needs like a lion pride or something, that’d be pretty neat as well. For shits and giggles, they should also put in the classic aquarium screensaver from computers lol. Some other cool ones could be like a running river and salmon going upstream to spawn and a grizzly awaits at the top of it trying to catch a meal. Stuff like that

  11. kenny6774

    yeah I need a lil more than Zebra…one of my favorite reg. themes was the Motorstorm theme cause it would cycle through like 4 or 5 different wallpapers everytime u returned to the XMB.

  12. the zebra theme is much better as the little big planet.

  13. Blackstaffer

    I downloaded the Zebra theme last night and I don’t like it at all. For one simple reason: you can’t read the XMB text very easily. There’s not enough contrast between the text and the scene behind it, making this theme, while gorgeous, impossible to actually use effectively.

  14. Thats because your brightness is too high. In the PS3 menu set it to -3 and it will be perfectly ok. Menu is bright and so are the zebras. Works wonderfully.

  15. Blackstaffer

    I’ll take a look, but I think that’ll compromise my picture in other ways. I’ll see…

  16. It really doesn’t to be honest. It looks pretty darned good. That brightness level really is a theme to theme adjustment. There really isn’t a set level that looks good on all themes, static and dynamic.

  17. JimmyMagnum

    they need to give you more font options, including size and color. I’d like to have a bright theme with dark font for better contrast myself, maybe like black font with white glow around it, so it can work in both kinds of themes.

  18. Patrick

    paying for a theme ?? wtf? it’s pretty but useless!
    I hope Sony will release the tech for creating the dynamic themes soon. There will be lots of people tallented enough to provide the PS3 community with some decent ‘FREE’ themes.

  19. All themes cost…always have. Not sure why its a surprise.

    The tech won’t be released as this is not a video file. You must have a PS3 SDK in order to make these…amongst being a video game developer…

  20. Patrick

    We’re talking about paying for a userinterface; i just think that’s ridiculous.

    But don’t let me stop you. There are numerous sites providing you with awsome free ‘static’ themes. I’m sure the community will pick up creating dynamic themes.

    Although needing the PS3 SDK will prevent that from happening in the near future i’m affraid.

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