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Change the PS3 startup destination. |

Lets face it. The new firmware 3.0 has not made the greatest of impressions amongst the PS3 community after reading the official blog as well as seeing numerous comments on this blog its evident users are not happy with all the changes. One of the biggest annoyances is that upon start up you are now presented with a ‘What’s new’ page which is advertising the PS Store, instead of launching in the game menu. Fortunately you can change this by going to the PS3’s System settings and changing the option shown in the photo above to off and voila. You now start up your console at the game screen like before 3.0. Now if only there was some way to sort out that friend’s list and large font…

  • kenny6774

    Amen brother….and how big is that TV??

  • That’s a great find.

  • spideyct

    what about the scroller under the clock? i cant seem to get rid of that! talk about annoying.

  • Fatalveli

    did this right after the update. still along way away from fixing the problems tho.

  • Smegmazor

    Nice. I was looking for this option and couldn’t find it for the life of me. Thanks!

  • its a 26″ tv 🙂
    as you can see in the pic above i have no text under the clock. i thought the option to toggle it would be under ‘network’ but there appears to be no way of adjusting this. i just checked my american account and it is present there so it seems to be a region specific feature.

  • Weird about the region specific thing Trev .. I like it without myself.

    Thanks for posting this, I was wondering about this.

  • it might be a bug in the european version as the japanese has the news ticker like the american version.

    must say i prefer it without too as its not gonna be the most useful news ever, rather it will be just adverts.

  • deaconstreet

    At least they fixed the clock.

  • Sylvrfonic

    I get most of the complaints about 3.0. But, I think it’s a very well choreographed “out of the box” experiance for new ps3 users. I wish that the options for those of us already on board were more apparent.

    I dislike the gray friend backgrounds. But, I like that the what’s new menu shows my last three games played and I can launch from there. As more and more games are downloaded on the drive the more cumbersome it will be to navigate. The what’s new section helps mitigate some of that.

    Overall I think all the changes are positive and I suspect that the groundwork for further improvement has been established.

  • rickdoez

    you can change the font size. do some home work first.
    ok ok ill tell you…
    if your ps3 is using component cables change the setting to 480p only. that will keep the font size big, but component cables only seem to stay big on font size i dont know why.
    if you have H.D cables you in luck because u can change from 480p or 720 or 1080i. seems thought only 720 and higher this font size is smaller which your asking for. big if you dont have a H.D tv you will just have to wait until 3.01.

  • Whiners24

    Why is everyone whining about the firmware update they made the ps3 better aand if you dont like it go to pc gaming where you dont need to whine about firmware deal with it or stfu

  • gerry

    i actually like the whats new feature, it still has a game launch option in there while showing the 2 previous games before that, i have had minor freezing issues with 3.0 but i love the look. people should stop whining about upgrades to a free service.

  • thanks I haven’t updated in a while since I don’t play much and this was annoying me.

    Too bad we can’t get rid of the ticker

  • patrick

    strange… i see this tip all over but it refuses to do the trick for me. i have ‘whats new’ off and ‘autoplay on’ and still i get the moronic shop when i boot the system….