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Some PS3 Controllers not working with Firmware 3.0? |

Ceramic White DualShock 3 (CECHZC2H)

I guess Firmware 3.0 doesn’t approve of the Ceramic White DualShock 3 (CECHZC2H) controllers. Anyone of you have this controller to confirm? Don’t you have one Henning? Hopefully Sony addresses these firmware issues asap.

When turned on, users claim the controller LEDs for ports 1 and 2 are activate, but the controller remains inoperable. Users attempting to troubleshoot the problem claim that resetting the controller (through the built-in pinhole reset function) and plugging it directly into the console (via USB) do not correct the error, with one user going so far as doing a complete system restore to no avail.

Firmware 3.00 blamed for malfunctioning PS3 controllers

  • Mims

    I have this controller. I’ve had no problems with it not working. I have the original 60GB PS3 if that means anything.

  • Legion

    both of my controllers have problems and always have. Every once in a while they stop working and it takes a few seconds for them to pick back up. During those seconds if i had a joystick pressed a direction. it acts as though it’s still be pressed.

    I guess this problem is fixed with the Dual shock controllers. The 2 i have are the original one that came with the ps3 and the one i picked up when i bought my ps3. I paid $50 for this piece of crap and i can’t even exchange it for the Dual shock controllers. I don’t feel like shelling out over $100 for 2 new controllers. So i just deal with it.

    What I can’t believe is they haven’t come out with a firmware update that addresses this issue.

  • JimmyMagnum

    sounds more like a hardware issue than a controller issue. Do you hae a friend who has a controller you can try on your PS3 to rule out those controllers?

  • I have the white model CECHZC2J from Singapore and that seems to work fine.

  • weatherman_

    I had the same problem with my controllers in the first year the system was out. Turned out to be a fault in the PS3’s blutooth radio. I exchanged it under warranty. Sony knows this was rare issue, and they’ll probably exchange it for you.

  • Legion

    Doh, Really? I know this thing isn’t under warranty anymore. Do you think if they would exchange it I could still get an original 60GB PS3?
    I like having all the things they have taken out of the system now. Like 4 usb ports, backward compatibility. the multi card reader.

    • Doesn’t hurt to ask. Let us know if they still have 60GB versions to exchange. If not you could ask them to repair yours. I prefer the 60GB version myself.

  • Noah

    It’s not a hardware problem. It is the controller with the new firmware. I have the White Dual Shock Controller CECHZC2U and it doesn’t work with the Home Page or PS3 Games. I have the original 60GB too. And amazingly (whats the point though) the controller still works with PS2 and PS1 games. Check it out if you have backward compatibility. Load PS2 or PS1 games manually, you may need another working controller to load the game if you don’t have the auto load option choosen from your settings. Once you have the game loaded the Dual Shock will sync to the game. Once you quit the game the controller will not sync up anymore and the #1 and #2 lights will come back on.

  • Mike

    lol, glad to see i’m not alone. my white dualshock 3 controller was working fine, then i updated to 3.0 as it was literally game over. had to go back to using my sixaxis. ๐Ÿ™ fix please sony

  • Dan

    I purchased the white Cechzc2h from a japanese dealer on ebay, the dealer had very good feedback. I sent my controller’s info to sony, it is possible that my model is a knock off and that the 3.0 update outdated the knockoffs. Im waiting on an answer, if this is true then I will simply return the controller. another possible problem may be that my controller may be a foreign model designed for foreign PS3.

  • Christian

    I am having the same issue!
    I bought a White Sony D3 and it doesn’t work on my ps3. All I am able to do is turn it on using the PS button, other than that it’s USELESS!
    I tried resetting the controller but still useless & I know it’s not broken because the lights come on. but once the ps3 is on the lights 1 & 2 STAY on!
    Sony really needs to fix this!

  • Jamie Chapman

    I’m having the same problem since upgrading my ps3 to firmware 3.0 – so annoying. FIX SONY !!!

  • erich

    White Dual Shock Controller CECHZC2U
    IS A FAKE Controller
    white controller only was released in HongKong and Japan not in the USA – and U at the last position stands for USA,…

  • Christian

    **** You are right!
    check this out!

  • brian conway

    I have the white dual shock and just emailed sony that i am pissed that it stopped working, the FIRST time i ever wanted to play 2 player on my machine (usually play on others), and the freaking 1 and 2 are on and it wont work ๐Ÿ™ My sixaxis launch controller does work though. Must be the system update cause my buddy doesnt have his connected to the net for like 2 months now so he isn’t at 3.0 yet; and it worked on his last week.

    On another note my controller ID is CECHZC2H so i dont think mine is a knock-off.

  • NIC

    I purchased the CECHZC2H white controller also; I don’t believe it is a knock-off we just have real sony controller for another damn country, like Hong Kong. I’ve purchased things while overseas there and things look similar but are just slightly different in the mechanics. Sony usually has some types of converters to use with the U.S.A. materials. I know they need to let us know, and hurry the hell up

  • erich

    I also have a “CECHZC2H” from HongKong which stopped working when upgrading to 3.0
    never thought it could be a fake
    But right now I am sure it is a FAKE
    When shaking the conroller you can hear noise – not so on the original!

    But maybe if we all write EMails to Sony – they will undo the hack locking the fake controllers down??????

    There have to be 100ts of people out there having the same problem.

    The fake controllers are so good imidates – its hard to detect.
    Now it`s easy – controller is not working –> fake

    My EBay seller is not active any more – guess why ๐Ÿ˜‰

    He is rich now,…

    GreeTยดs Erich

  • jayee.

    I bought a white ps3 controller to go with my white ps3 – yeew! – off eBay (no I didnt buy a white ps3 off eBay) and I only got to play with it ONCE before it completely died on me.

    I can’t even turn the thing on! It also has the “CECHZC2H” on it but it doesn’t matter considering all of the faults I found on it.

    The buttons was the best part! You can see the outline where it was painted (however they do it).
    Yes, it makes a noise when you shake it.
    The light indicators is bumpy as well as being able to see the light through the control itself.

    I was real pissed and when I jumped back onto eBay to ask the dude for a refund, he was no longer there. But, now he’s back!

    Beware; tomtop_game <– that's the faggot!!

  • Moose Jackson

    Same story as you guys. Just got mine today and of course, it doesn’t work. The packaging was incredible. I mean, there was no way the average consumer could tell the difference. Even the controller looks pretty good, not quite as polished as the black controller I have, but 99% good. The thing that’s crazy is that if these HK guys are able to make these at a fraction of the cost and look that authentic, how much is Sony hosing the average gamer for a controller?

  • eriche

    Yes they produce it maybe for 10 Euro and sell it on eBay for 30 Euro.
    Sony takes 50Euro
    so you can guess how much profit they take on each controller,…
    Now you can understand why Sony is interested in stopping fake Controllers working!
    But right now – it`s easy – if you buy a fake controller – use PAYPAL insurance!

  • Jamie Chapman


    I brought my controller of the same dude on ebay; tomtop_game.

    He disappeared for a while but came back. So annnoying.

    My controller is the same. You can see the lights through the controller and the LED’s are bumpy on the back.

    So angry! I just rang Sony and they said it probably is a real product but they don’t service/change any of the controllers that are non-european.

  • abigel

    I bought controller silver colour, it nice to see but that controller just function to on the power of PS3 console unit only. LED indicated on port #1and #2. Please FIXXXXXXXXXXXX sony.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yojimbo

    Yeah, same problem.. my white dual shocks stopped working after upgrade to 3.0

    I don’t think they’re fake.. certainly worked fine before now.

    Hopefully it’s fixed in the next upgrade.

  • azad

    hey i have the same of my ps3 controllers froze after the 3,0 update..nd no they werent the ceramic white ones..updating the system to 3.01 didnt solve the problem there a way to fix the controller??!

  • brian

    “…is there a way to fix the controller??!”

    Nope, we had another update and they still aren’t working. They do work if you fire up a PS2 game with another controller and then turn on the white controller, so its 100% a SONY firmware issue, Ive emailed both SONY USA and SONY ASIA, both say either “not our problem because its a US console and an Asian controller”, or “not our problem because its an Asian controller and a US console” hahahah. But yeah pretty crappy of SONY to either do this on purpose, or just not care.

  • yojimbo

    Yeah Sony decided after a year or two to all of a sudden change their ps3 accessories to be region coded.. so some controllers that used to work no longer work. hopefully they’ll see sense and change it back because theres a few third party controller makers out there whose licensed products no longer work who I imagine are VERY annoyed. Its not an accident though which sucks because my overseas controllers including delivery were half the local price.. now bricked. I really hope they don’t decide to region code games too.. would then probably sell my ps3 in protest.

  • Joe

    They have region coded games, im in the uk i bought cod mw1 off ebay, worked ok but then when i bought the new maps they would not play so had to buy another codmw1 from uk to get the maps to work.
    conned by sony about region free

  • Mal

    I literally just got one of these today and it has all the above faults. I thought it was official! However on close inspection the plastic seems off, it feels cheaper. I can actually see the internal electronics under the right stick too when I move it forwards!.

  • wow, sorry to to hear that Mal ๐Ÿ™

  • hi everybody

    great forum lots of lovely people just what i need

    hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read.

  • Vdelagneau93

    yeah, i bought mine a few days ago, i have the latest version of firmware, is the american model 250GB slim…. the controller’s D-pad is unresponsive, the other buttons are alright, but the d-pad and stick doesnt work at all.

  • SurfnSun1176

    Just did the most recent system update and now I’m having trouble with my controller. Yes, I bought it off of eBay from China but up until now it’s worked just fine. Now I can’t get it to sync up. I’ve tried everything that I’ve found online about the subject, but still no luck. It works fine as long as it’s plugged in but as soon as I unplug it, all 4 lights start blinking really fast and it eventually just shuts off.

    I tried to reset the controller by pushing the reset button with a paper clip, but when I plug it in and push the PS button, the 1 and 2 blink slowly (and the controller works) but it still can’t sync up when I pull the USB cord out.

    So Sony’s put a stop to “knock-off” controllers with the most recent system update? Is that all it is?

  • JEFF


  • teri

    i have the exact same’s always worked up until yesterday when after leaving my ps3 sit for a few months i bought black ops and had to update it..well i went to switch out controllers today with this being my backup and it won’t work correctly ๐Ÿ™ i’m so sad….i too bought it from a guy on ebay from china…oh wells