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Sony to Start Big Focus on 3D Displays |

At the Sony IFA event, Sony announced that they will begin a large push of 3D display technology and related content starting in 2010. They are working on 3D display hardware, Blu-Ray content, downloadable video content, and of course games that will take advantage of 3D display technology.


This is really exciting, but this opens more questions than answers:

  • Will 3D offerings be compatible with existing or recent HDTV sets?
  • Will they offer new displays that will deliver 3D effects without requiring special polarized viewing glasses? Will new displays offer any other 3D related advantages?
  • Will PS3 games take advantage of this? Will new hardware be required?
  • Will they offer goggle displays with separate left eye/right eye mini-screens and curved display surfaces to offer increased perspective accuracy?
  • Will 3D display be involved in a new PSP-like portable device (yes, I remember Nintendo’s massive Virtual Boy flop)


  • Stephencr

    I find it very difficult, must have new hardware for this, but the movies would only need a new project and not a special screen for this

  • Whilst I do actually think there is good potential to see 3D. I think people would need googles or to update their TV set correct.

  • the problem with 3D is that you need twice the image which would mean two console or graphics at half the spec they are now and lets face it, no developer will take that action.

  • Darrin

    Great point. Maybe they could write the software so the user has the choice of trading some resolution or frame rate quality in exchange for the 3D effects.

  • you wouldn’t want to trade in the frame rate though. that would be headache city. plus not many people have 120Hz TVs which are required to run 3D. i just can’t see this taking off for a long time. Definitely not this generation. there’s no point, there are still many gamers out there that don’t even own an HDTV yet let along one that is 120Hz capable.

  • Zenna

    It is not true you would need double the amount of processing power to render two similar scenes. Per pair of frames, all animation, physics, AI and sound would only need to be computed once. Even when we enter the graphics realm, it is likely a lot of the graphical processes could be shared among the pair of frames.

    We managed somewhat ok with four screens in Mario Kart on the N64, admittedly each with one quarter of the resolution, but I’m sure it can be done with some tradeoffs