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Toshiba Making PS3 Compatible 640GB HDD |

Toshiba has recently revealed that they are creating a hard drive that has a higher maximum areal density, allowing 160GB on a single side of a platter, rather than the usual 125GB, allowing 640GB of space to fit onto 2 data platters, up from the original 500GB. HDDs will be made available some time between October and December. Source

  • JimmyMagnum

    this is relevant to the PS3 because the PS3 can only hold a maximum of 2 data disc HDDs (for 2.5 inch drives)

  • Nice, I would like to upgrade my hard drive at some point. But I still have 60GB’s left on my 160GB

  • Ian

    I just creamed my pants…

  • mjm_007

    I put in the 500GB’s a little while back, but ever since I’ve been having a problem. Half the time I turn it on it says:

    “Cannot start. The correct hard disk was not found”

    At first I was freaking out, thinking I just broke my PS3, but I kept trying it and it ended up working. So NOW, everytime I start up I hold my breath making sure it works. Has this happened to anybody else? and if so.. any suggestions?

    Kinda makes me want a PS3 slim, to be honest..

  • JimmyMagnum

    it could be either a manufacturing defect or the HDD might be a little loose or something. Just check and make sure the HDD is installed securely. I’d take the HDD out and put it back in just in case. Most people don’t have any issues with the 500GB drives

  • mjm_007

    alright, I’ll try that.. thanks Jimmy

  • mjm_007

    btw.. despite the troubles with my Hard Drive.. it still is the BEST decision I’ve made in terms of my PS3.. I love keeping all my music, movies, PSN games, and Demos all in one place.

  • Jae Dizzy

    Someone tell me where to get these 500gb hdd and then tell me what make or model is it! I am looking for the best one, all I could find was SAMSUNG M6 Series HM320JI 320GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5″ SATA 1.5Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive – OEM! Let me know where I could get tha big five boi and how much he gon run me……….OnE

  • JohnGalt