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3D Gaming coming to all PS3 Games in 2010 |

Below is a video of a PS3 Slim running custom firmware to enable Wipeout HD to run in 3D. A software update will be available sometime in 2010 to enable 3D gaming on the PS3. Now I’m sure not every game will be in 3D, but I assume most.

The console itself pumps out a quite regular signal over HDMI, which the TV syncs up with your 3D glasses. A 200Hz TV, for instance, alternates 1080p frames, with 100Hz for each eye.

My current HDTV is 120Hz, so I guess I won’t be able to enjoy 3D gaming. Are there any 200Hz HDTV’s on the market now? I haven’t looked at tv’s for a while. What games would you like to see in 3D?

PS3’s new 3D mode captured on video, coming in 2010 to all existing games

  • Stephencr

    And the prices is U$ 10000.00 for one TV BRAVIA hehehe

  • I would like to see: WolfenStein 3D HD in real 3D 😉

    And Dead or Alive for obvious reasons 😉

  • Darrin

    This sounds awesome. I was planning on buying my first HDTV next month… I should probably get something small, because I will definitely want a 3D set, but I’m really sick of using an old SDTV

  • George

    Given that the PS3 has a NVIDIA graphics card, 3D mode should be no problem; it’s a 2005 NVIDIA chip but they still had “real” 3D effects back then.

    I played around with it on my PC, just using the colored glasses (I have a NVIDIA 9800 GTX on the PC). Seemed to work OK with all the games, it’s just another mode the graphics card goes into. I ended up turning it off as it was a hassle to use the glasses.

  • JimmyMagnum

    There are some 240Hz TVs. I know LG advertises theirs all the time. I think Samsung has a 240Hz LED TV that I want to get lol

  • JimmyMagnum

    Also, just in case anyone would miss an edit, Sony has stated that not all games will be made 3D, despite a Sony rep tell engadget otherwise. Not sure if they’ll even retrofit older games.