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How’s the PS3 SLIM doing in Japan? |

The PS3 SLIM went on sale worldwide September 1st and early reports out of Japan seem encouraging. According to VGCharts the PS3 SLIM shifted 100,000 units this week in Japan.

More pics here

We’ll know exactly how many SLIMs were sold in the land of the rising sun next week when Media Create releases HW and SW numbers for the week of Aug 31st.

  • JimmyMagnum

    just before the Slim came out, the PS3 was in last place, apparently, everyone was waiting for that Slim and price cut lol

  • It’ll probably be on top for 2 weeks then I predict it’ll start dropping selling 20-30k a week, until FFXIII is released.

  • 100,00 -> 100,000 (probably)

  • Or was it simply 10,000 ?

  • Sorry for the comment spam, but I looked at the article and it says it is a possibility that it shifts 100,000, so it hasn’t shifted just yet..

  • Eddie

    Well the article is that of VGChartz so its just an a guesstimate.

    I believe a good one though.

    The first week of the PS3 price cut (not the slim) PS3 is in first place in America as well.

  • It is not an actual article, it is just a translation of a japanese website trying to guess the weekly sales..