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Robert Bowling responds to protest. |

bowling tweet

Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward responded to the recent exclusive map packs for Xbox. As I suspected the chain mail appears to have started out of confusion by the timed exclusivity of the map packs appearing on Xbox first andthat they are not completely exclusive and will still be available to Playstation users.

  • As far as I’m concerned, the timed exclusivity is a reason for protest as well. Infinity Ward and Activision have long played favourites with the 360, and it’s about time we had an even playing field.

  • lilma143

    Yes i think it is about time that both systems should have the same because it is’nt fare to PS3 Fans like my self…….Got that!!! Robert Bowling….If that is the case then Infinity ward is *** for that!!!! PS3 Forever…..


    That’s how business works idiots. Microsoft throws money at Activision to have a timed exclusive. If Soney wanted to do the same thing they could.

    Quit whining.




  • ShadowSpartan

    i own both ps3 and 360. 360 is much better to play shooters on because the controller is much better and geared towards fps games. And the fact that 360 has 1.10 million pre orders for COD: MW2 whereas ps3 only has a mere 400,000.

  • xxelbandoleroxx ps3 user

    they should not made ps3 to pay because people have more 360 because they would like to pay we all ps3 fan buy the psy 700,400, and now 300$$$$dollar$$$$.