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Final Fantasy XIII Finally Gets A Release Date! |


 It’s been a long time coming for FF fans but the wait is soon to be over..if you live in Japan. SE has confirmed their 1st PS3 title will be released in Dec. 17th with a US version following in 6-8 months. A PAL release has yet to be announced.

Now what about FFXIII Versus..?


  • Eddie

    I have failed my fanboy…..I’m more interested in Uncharted 2 then FFXIII…what have I become?

  • You have become aware, that SE is very, very late to the current-gen party. Or say, PS3.. Have they released anything on PS3 yet, apart from PSN titles and last remnant?

    (I know they have released a 2d tower defense game that runs at 15fps, a game that sony should not have let them release for their incompetence in quality assurance, and prevent an insult to other hard working developers)

  • You’re not the only one Eddie. Six months ago I was ready to import the Japanese version of the game but now, my interest in FFXIII has dwindled to nothing.

  • Trieloth

    Cool, hurry up and wait! Iam starting to not care about this game. The game has been mutilated.

  • Eddie

    Apparently there was a price hike….8800 yen for this game in Japan compared to the normal price of 6800 yen. Thats almost 95 dollars USD..

  • giz

    8800yen without taxes…
    so with taxes its ~70euro
    any idea if the hong kong version of ffXIII hav english voices/subtitles/menu ?

  • I don’t think so, giz. Thev’re recently finished the english work for the US/EU versions ( or are close to finishing it ) so I think the JP one is in Japanese only.