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SCEA Research & Development (Part 2) |

Back on August 28th, we showed you part 1 of this interview, which can be found here. Here’s the second part to the interview, which still focuses on the new motion controller and some of its capabilities and how the prototype came to be, etc.

The prototypes they showed are pretty ugly. Good thing they’ve worked on the design a bit since then haha. Anyway, the interview is pretty interesting. Hopefully the final product will bring some interesting games and not a bunch of shovelware like the Wii has. The Official Blog will be showing part three next week, so stay tuned!

  • The latency is evident in the videos, I know it is tracking 1:1, but it would be nice if they could lessen the latency.

  • JimmyMagnum

    well, they do still have some time to work on such issues before it comes out (supposedly) next spring. IMO, the idea behind the tech is cool, but I feel it’s impractical to more mainstream type games and would require genres specific to the tech, but I guess we’ll see when it does come out

  • NunoDavesh

    ps3 is for hardcore gamers because of the high price. Casual gamers aren’t going to pay £250 for a console that they’ll only play a few casual games on.

    What they could do is re-release a PS2 with motion control implimented. Then you have a back catalgue of 1000s of games with motion control. Back when Sony had more casual games (PaRappa the Rapper, Ape Escape, Crash Bandicoot) plus ps2 is less than £100

  • JimmyMagnum

    but even with this coming to the PS3, it won’t work with the games already released. Games would have to be made specifically with the motion control in mind. Re-releasing a PS2 with motion control would be pointless, seeing as the 1000s of games on the system wouldn’t be compatible with motion control and the system is a few years behind in it’s tech as well.

    Given that fact, if Sony wanted to, they’d be better off making an inexpensive casual platform like the Wii (though, the Wii is only $50 cheaper than a PS3 now), but with the install base of the Wii already being as large as it is, Sony would never catch up in the casual market that way. So we’ll have the PS3 that would support both hardcore and casual games, but don’t be surprised if there will be a lot of shovelware to come along with the motion control,