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Guess who doesn’t like Sony’s Ads Now |

The Nigerian Government does not approve of PS3 “US $299 Rumor” commercial. They where insulted with the Nigerian millionaire comment and demand a unconditional apology from Sony. Plus they want the commercial removed.

Nigeria remains a major investment destination and a country where most businesses thrive in trust, good faith, competence and integrity. Nigeria also demands an unconditional apology from Sony Corporation for this deliberate negative campaign against the country’s image and reputation.The apology must be given the same measure of publicity by Sony Corporation in all channels where the unfortunate adverts were aired.In the light of the above, the Federal Government of Nigeria requests Sony Corporation to immediately withdraw that advertisement from circulation.

Here is the uncensored version.

Here is the “censored” commercial:

What are your thoughts?

PS3 advert irrates Nigerian Government, wants public apology

  • Trieloth

    It must be to early in the morning cuz I dont see why they deserve an apology.

  • kenny6774

    yea give me a break….I’m sure Nigeria is home to a lot of reputable, competent, blah blah blah businesses….but lets face it they also have made a name for themselves re: these fraud emails…it’s just a freakin joke

  • weatherman_

    I think it’s a safe bet that they didn’t get the joke. I doubt those spam emails are sent to anyone in Nigeria.

    Dearest friend, I wish to deposit $450,000,000,000.00 in your account. My uncle recently passed away leaving me with three dozen 20GB PS3’s, yes the one with backward compatibility and 4 USB slots! I need someway to get them out of the country and onto the free market. Please send me all your personal information.

  • If they made half as much effort cracking down on the conmen as they did whining about a harmless advertisement…

  • @weatherman_
    contact me on gullible_sob at hotmail dot com

  • JimmyMagnum

    lmao, wow, they totally didn’t get the joke. That was the best freakin’ part of the commercial! Though the censored version is equally hilarious “that’s how WWI got started”

  • SOny should just go with it and run a dozen commercials that change that one line. It woold get them press every time that they updated it.

    And if Sony was smart they could change the line to be topical. Like for the Oscars.

    You can’t believe everything you hear on the internet.
    That’s how Uwe Boll got an Oscar Lifetime Achievment Award Nomination.
    That’s how Angelina adopted the cast of Slumdog Milionare.

    Well, with funnier writing, it could be a good campaign.

  • Edu

    I am not going to lie, Nigeria is not the most uncorrupt place in the world, but there is corruption bloody everywhere. Look what Madoff did in America. Because you see Nigeria as an easy target to hit, all these frickin’ media companies are using the country (District 9 movie did the same thing) as a caricature. Take that advert OFF THE AIR AND APOLOGIZE, IT IS WRONG (PERIOD) You have no write to be insulting a country (and everyone that lives in and is associated with the Nigeria) like that man. Sony you really overdid it on this one. Just because all your other previous ad campaigns have blown, does not give you the right to resort to insulting comments like that. It’s sad for your company. Get rid of your current Ad sector, because they’re all immature idiots.

  • mjm_007

    wow.. they want an apology for that???