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Stop Screwing Sony users!! |


Another chain mail has started working its way around PSN to start up protests, after such a successful one against Infinity Ward, this time against Sony’s lack of exclusives and poor quality multi-platform titles. The protest reads as follows;

This is a petition to Sony. Reasin why: Xbox keeps stealing exclusives, & paying companies to screw our version of games so, xbox won’t look bad. There is other things too but, I paid $600 for my PS3 because it promised next generation games on it. I don’t think it’s right we keep getting screw in the process. So, lets petition the game developers through PSN. Put: (Stop Screwing Sony users) in ur comments for the rest of this month!! Copy & paster to all ur friends. Spread the Word (Stop Screwing Sony)

This is quite a conspiracy theory suggesting that Microsoft has managed to pay developers to make poor versions of their games for PS3 and find this hard to believe. Sure the petition has a point, in that Sony could sign more exclusives and get multi-platform games to perform better. I just don’t think posting such comments is the right way to go about getting your complaints heard.

  • The daft thing about that is that the PS3 exclusives are significantly better than anything the 360 has to offer.

    In my personal opinion, of course.

    I mean, I don’t think the PS3 is better because I own one – I own one because it gives me what I think are the better games.

  • Mike

    Grammatical butchering aside, whoever started this is getting two different situations confused. Microsoft paying for content like the GTA IV DLC or early Modern Ware 2 maps is something that Sony isn’t really going to be able to compete with. Microsoft has deep pockets and unfortunately that is going to result in some content being delayed or absent from other versions of games. It isn’t just the PS3 – PC gaming has suffered tremendously from the games that Microsoft elects to keep exclusive to 360.

    As for paying companies to screw with the PS3 versions of games, that simply isn’t happening. Before the price drop it was pretty obvious that companies would put more effort into the Xbox 360 versions because those were always going to sell more. It was a simple allocation of resources. And I have no idea what Sony was thinking heavily promoting a game like Ghostbusters where the developers couldn’t even put in the effort to polish the PS3 version.

    I think that situation is improving though, especially with the slim being out now. The sales of Arkham Asylum have been remarkably close, and Sony chose the correct game for once to help promote with the Joker DLC and Home features.

    If PS3 outsells 360 from September to December I think you’re going to start seeing the PS3 versions of cross platform games improving. The Wii audience just isn’t responding to many things (Madden on PS2 outsells the Wii version… what a joke) so publishers are going to look at PS3 filling in a larger portion of the sales in their pie graphs. It just comes down to allocating resources and expected returns. A $299 PS3 will do a lot for the quality of the software support.

  • Darrin

    Oh come on… This is so idiotic I can’t believe it’s on our front page…

  • The title is very bold. It could be more neutral and more like a news header.

  • alphaquake

    when more people have ps3s, developers will have to change their marketing strategy. thats why sony put out the slim and the big ad campaign. majority of people in the world that owns a gaming console is the 360. so exclusives go there way, thats plain and simple business. ya im sick of having to wait a week more to download a demo or an add-on but be patient. im sure next year sony is going to take over xbox thrown and dominate like in the late 90’s again.

  • No Kill Tayler

    Would you take this down, your making it seem we as a community of ps3blog supports such a idiotic thing.

    I’d reply to him and say, its not Sony screwing us about content, its microsoft. And that’s called competition. And i’m all for it.