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Nothing Daft about this video game appearance. |

Forget the Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5 short circuit of a mixup. This is da funk and how music stars in video games around the world should be done. Daft Punk are superheroes in the music industry and their fresh appearance in a video game is a perfect match for their technologic music style. This is opposed to the Cobain proverbial grave digging which has caused many a ill felt emotion.

You’ll be able to have the prime time of your life when DJ Hero is released October 27th. Watch the trailer one more time below;


  1. Trieloth

    I have Daft Punk cd’s and they are not that good at all. The Crystal Method guys slaps these fools around. I dont like music games but this one looks interesting.

  2. No Kill Tayler

    Daft punk to me are amazing.
    Trieloth, have you listened to the live cd that came out in 07?

  3. Trieloth

    @Taylor no I havent heard there new stuff. I will check it out though. I only have Daft Punks ‘Homework” album came out in 1996.

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