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Star Ocean 4 International Revealed by Famitsu. |


 Scheduled for a Japanese release in February 4th, 2010, SO4 International is a port of the 360 version of the game that was released earlier this year. According to reports, the PS3 version will sport new features including: JPN/English voices, battle targets can be changed and a revamped menu.

No US/EU release announced yet but if the PS3 version will have multiple languages, why not import?


Update: SE has confirmed a simultaneous worldwide release of the PS3 version for Feb. 9th 2010. Early 2010 is getting crowded!

  • I removed your photos they where not showing up. Try uploading them somewhere else.

  • Ceidz

    So… Star Ocean 4 PS3 confirmed ? Would the japanese game work on a US PS3 ?

  • Eddie

    PS3 games are not restricted to regions as long as you play them in High Def.

    and this game was horrible… 🙁

  • Fixed the images.

    Maybe SE will improve on the faults of the beta..I mean, 360 version.

  • Stephencr

    yes I buied, I hope so HD not SD that 360