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250GB PS3 Slim Uncharted 2 Bundle [Update] |

If you don’t have a PS3 yet, this is a great time to join the club and get a great game in the process. Uncharted 2 is game of the year material. It’s been getting great reviews so far. No word on a price for this bundle or release date. But I’d except that info to come soon enough.

250GB PlayStation 3 slim Uncharted 2 bundle leaked


Update: A SCEA rep claims this photo is a fabrication and the company has no plans to release a bundle in North America.

  • JimmyStewart

    Hopefully it’s cheaper than the $400 360 bundle that just got announced. With the price cuts, the PS3 is starting to look like a better and better deal. But I still can’t see anything really being a good deal at $400 and up. Maybe a $350 price point? I’m probably just dreaming.

  • Mike

    $399.99 is my guess. That is the price of the Modern Ware 2 Xbox 360 bundle with a 250GB HDD. Good move for Sony to have a direct response to a new SKU, because at any price Microsoft is not able to compete with the blu-ray drive.

  • JimmyStewart

    Yeah you’re probably right. It’s just a shame because I believe the $399 price point to be too high. I suppose that’s just the world we live in now, I just wish we could get back to the days when consoles launched at $299.

    I don’t think the Blu-Ray drive is that much a competition. Half the people I know still don’t even have HDTVs and are definitely in the crowd of keeping their old DVDs when they do. And for what it’s worth, I saw a Blu-Ray player at Best Buy last week for under $100. Of course the Blu-Ray aspect is a BIG selling point for the console, but keep in mind most people want a video GAME console. Not a more expensive video MOVIE console that happens to play some games. It’s a bit like the argument that including wifi makes it such a better deal, when again a lot of people I know don’t use that to begin with. A nice feature sure, but an end to the competition? Not by a long shot.

  • Legion213

    I think it will be $350 if it’s true. While it has the 250GB HDD. There are not that expensive anymore. Since it’s just a laptop hard drive.

    To Jimmy,

    Yeah. While the Blu-ray and Wifi are not competition ending. You have to look at what people would want to buy if they had no console at all.

    If they bought a 360 they will still have to pay the $100 for the blu-ray player. and $100 for the Wifi adapter. The PS3 has those built in. The PS3 and Xbox360 are the same price. So which is the better buy? Even if you’re look to buy just a game console and don’t have an HDTV the PS3 is still the better buy because who’s to say you won’t have one in a year or so.

    With the versatility of the PS3 and still being the same price as the Xbox360, There really is no competition for the smart shopper. But most people have one or the other. If you’re more into online gaming and don’t mind paying for it then you’re going to stick with the Xbox360. But that’s the only thing I see the Xbox360 having over the PS3 that would be a good selling point. Other wise the PS3 would be the better system to buy imo.

  • Who said anything about North America? The rumour states that the bundle is comming to the UK in three flavours, one of witch is Unchartered 2