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Capcom’s Takeuchi Expects Wii Ports to Come to Sony Motion Wands |

Well from the sounds of it, we may be getting alot of 3rd party Wii games on the PS3 in the near future. Is this good or bad? Will they have HD upgrades? Will they sell as well? So many question to be asked and I guess only time will tell. Look below for the quotes.

On Sony Motion:

Well just being from Capcom, I can tell you that we have a lot of good ideas on how to make use of that technology and we’re looking forward to putting them into practice. However, speaking to other developers in Japan, I’ve heard a few of them say they were delighted by the Sony motion controller because they can just port over their Wii titles to the PS3.

On Natal:

I haven’t heard much about how Western developers have reacted to Natal so I can’t really talk about that, but I’ve heard a lot of people in the industry in Japan respond to it like it’s a new problem that they have: “How are we going to develop games for this? What are we supposed to do with this now?” I can say that the developers in our offices back in Osaka have been very receptive to Natal and are looking forward to hopefully coming up with some good ideas for it.

  • JimmyMagnum

    Despite the control problems they had on the Wii version, they should make an HD, current gen upgrade of Okami for the PS3 using the motion control (and analog stick control, if you opt to play that way, give options to folks), which should work better since Sony’s is more accurate.

    Okami’s art style will definitely benefit from PS3’s capabilities. Imagine how it’d look