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PS3 Sales Drop in 2nd Week of SLIM launch. |

The PS3 SLIM and price drop are going on their 2nd week of sales. While we won’t be seeing any official NPD numbers from the US for a few weeks, sales in Japan have declined dramatically from the massive 150k units sold initially.

Famitsu Sales: 09/07 – 09/13
DSL 9600
DSi 66000
PSP 20000
Wii 15000
PS3 54000
PS2 3200
360 6900

Even with the decline in hardware the PS3 still outsold the competition.  I expect the PS3 SLIM sales boost to continue to decline worldwide  until the long awaited FFXIII hits in Japan at the end of the year.

  • Eddie

    I find it interesting that people didn’t expect a decline. I mean…thats what hardware does. It sells the first day…and then begins to decline everyday after that.

    This decline isn’t a bad one at all. If it continues to hover in the 20-30k for a while, then the price drop/Slim model will be greatly successful.

    VGChartz has it estimated the PS3 will sell 300k this week world wide. Putting it close to a million units sold in 2 weeks.

  • JimmyMagnum

    dont forget the holiday buying season, which starts on black friday, the day after thanksgiving (though, that’ll boost mostly American sales)

  • Still not to bad thouugh

  • Watcher

    I agree, hardware sales are like rollercoaster rides. The initial sales of the Slim were great and we will see some impressive sales figures for September as a result.

    We should see some additional spikes for the rest of the year with the release of Uncharted 2, R&C, Modern Warfare 2, and FF XIII (Japan) just to name a few. All this topped with the Christmas season, I see PS3 having a great Q4 2009.