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[Giveaway] Picture Optimizer (HDVC) for PS3 |

dbSONIC was generous enough to allow me to give away 3 copies of the Picture Optimizer (HDVC) for PS3. I tried this out for myself and it’s very easy to understand, even for a novice. For more info, check out there website.

If your interested, leave a comment with your HDTV make and model. I’ll pick 3 at random Wednesday night.

The HDVC for Next-Gen-Consoles is an easy-to-use picture-enhancement-tool for verifying and optimzing your Display/Projector and to „squeeze-out“ the best possible picture-quality of your Devices!

Within 15 minutes you´ll optimize Contrast, Blacklevel, Color, Color-Temperature, Sharpness by using the included professional Test-Pictures.

Due to spoken instructions and visual inserts it´s easy to understand for everyone – you don´t need to be an AV-Expert !

After using the HDVC BluRay-Movies and the breathtaking Next-Gen Game-Graphics of your Console will finally be played back in the way which movie-directors and game-developers have imagined it:

In perfect Full-HD picture-quality !!!

For detailed instructions, see this page.

  • Fatalveli

    Sony 46Z4100

  • JimmyMagnum


    Samsung LN40A550, recently fixed by myself 😛

  • Kicks

    very nice
    Sony KDL40V1000

  • TixSoul

    Wonderful giveaway!!!
    Mine’s set is Samsung LE37 B650

  • FrenchK

    Interesting giveaway, would love it , never calibrated the tv lol.
    Sharp Aquos 42″ LC42D65U

  • superjp

    Nice give away

    I’ve got a SHARP AQUOS 37XD1E and never took the opportunity to calibrate the TV as I feared to **** up the TV.

    I had issues with it at first and had the motherboard changed.

  • OP

    Panasonic TC-P50S1

  • Lefunkay

    Oh, this is pretty cool –

    Panasonic TH-42PX80.

    Good luck all 🙂

  • Chris

    Samsung T220HD


  • King32

    I have a samsung UN46B6000 LED HDTV. Plz pick mine!

  • Soild_Nat

    Panasonic 32LZD85.

    Nice giveaway, been meaning to tweak the picture settings for Uncharted 2 and Ratchet and Clank to get the best from it.

  • Sony KDL-46XBR4.

    Nice idea. I’ve had “fine-tune TV calibration” on my to-do list for entirely too long.

  • JimmyMagnum

    i made my TVs settings quite good. Only thing I hate working on is white balance because that takes the longest to do lol

    so is this software TV specific?

  • BradB

    Samsung LN46B550

  • Jonaskin

    I’ve got a Samsung Sunima but I’m at work so can’t check the actual model number.

  • Zak

    Very Awesome big fan of ps3 blog my t.v is a Sens s2201dvd

  • @ JimmyMagnum

    This can be used on any tv.

  • Tom

    Very nice.

    Proscan 32LB45Q

  • Cool… I’ll give this a poke. Got a Dell 2408WFP 24″ – technically, it’s not a TV, but my PS3 is hooked up to it via HDMI, it’s better-than 1080P capable, and supposedly has fantastic colour clarity thanks to the 104% colour gamut…

    I’d love something like this to figure out how to set it up properly 😉

  • Nash

    That’s the sexiest calibration video I’ve ever seen. ;p

    Samsung PN50A550

  • Jay

    Could use one of these for my Philips 47PFL7432D/37 🙂

  • Haha – busted! You’re trying to beat the most commented post yet! 😉

    Well, my tv is a Panasonic TXP46G10E. 🙂

  • Paul

    Hope I win

    Sharp AQUOS LC52D92U 52″ 1080p Flat
    PS3 500GB (80GB model) PSN
    PS2 Slim Modded Modchip w/ ModBo 4.0 & Nintendo Wii Modded w/ WiiFree Modchip
    Yamaha RX-V661 7.1 – Home Theater Receiver w/ Boston Acoustics Speaker System

  • I play NES on my 20″ tv. It’s the model with tubes and the wooden cabinet that weighs 400 lbs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with my Sega Genesis. What’s HD? 8-bit or 16-bit?

  • Paulie

    Hope I win!

    Sharp AQUOS LC52D92U 52″ 1080p
    PS3 500GB (60GB model) PSN
    PS2 Slim Modded Modchip w/ ModBo 4.0 & Nintendo Wii Modded w/ D2Pro Wii Mod Chip 9 Wire
    Yamaha RX-V661 7.1 – Home Theater Receiver w/ Boston Acoustics Speaker System

  • Paulie


    Sharp AQUOS LC52D92U 52″ 1080p
    PS3 500GB (60GB model)
    PS2 Slim Modded Modchip w/ ModBo 4.0 & Nintendo Wii Modded w/ D2Pro Wii Mod Chip 9 Wire
    Yamaha RX-V661 7.1 – Home Theater Receiver w/ Boston Acoustics Speaker System

  • JimmyMagnum

    @#23 lmao!

    I use to have a tube HD TV, but it only went up to 720P/1080i. It had an amazing picture though. CRTs are capable of super high contrast rations, but people jumped ship to LCDs and Plasmas because of weight and size (despite CRTs being more reliable and last longer). I’d love to get that new Samsung LED TV with it’s 3 million:1 contrast ratio. It has the deepest blacks and the brightest whites, even kills what plasmas can handle in terms of contrast lol. Though, its not as bad now, plasmas are still prone to burn in, so LCDs are a better bet if you play games for extended periods of time, but they don’t have as high a contrast ratio. LEDs will most likely surpass both LCD and plasma, but it’s still new tech, so it’s more expensive and will cost more to repair, let alone, the reliability not yet being proven in the long run, so you may want to hold off on that tech. I didn’t include things like OLEDs (which are very expensive and a 20 inch screen would cost about the same as a 40 inch LCD) and projection TVs (which can go to very large sizes on a cheap price, but have relatively bad viewing angles)

    Sorry, got a bit carried away there lol

  • David

    I use a LED SONY 40′ 1080 model number KDL-40V2500. My tv is about almost 3 years old now. I could really use something like this for my TV. It would make my game like KILLZONE 2 amd METAL GEAR look sweet. I also hope to get Uncharted 2. The online demo is awesome. PSN tag is David4713 if your up for a game.

  • Angus-MacGyver-

    I bought a Toshiba 32in 32AV502U. Band of Brothers on bluray looks absolutely real, and the Wages of Fear looks insanely sharp.

  • JimmyMagnum

    @David: that’s an LCD, I use to load those up into people’s vehicles back when I worked at circuit city lol

  • Sony KDL 40 W 3000


    i have a Samsung 32″ LCD TV 1080p

  • Stephen Orr

    I have a nice Sony Bravia KDL40W5100

  • Gibb


    Samsung LE52A656, Full-HD.

  • Sinlock

    Samsung LN50A650 ToC Baby!!!! Getting the wife a Slim to run on the little 32 inch Samsung 720p (how 2006 😛 )

  • Matt

    I hope its more accurate than the text at their website, some translation errors there. Optoma HD 80 projector.

  • Legion213

    Vizio 47″ 1080P 120Hz SV470XVT

  • Qiko

    The old classic ,300 pound ,direct tube, Sony WEGA KD-34XBR970 .

    Maybe now I will be able to see my enemies better ^_^

  • yodaddy

    sony bravia kdl40v4100 hooked up to ps3, & samsung txr3079whkxxaa

  • derrickgott007

    I would love a copy of HDVC. I have a Toshiba Regza Model #32HL67US

  • eupham

    I have a Samsung LN-46B640. Optimizing a tv is a must.

  • I’ll announce the winners and e-mail you in about an hour or so.

  • Jonaskin

    Have winners been announced yet?

  • jinoh

    can someone help me how i pay for this hdvc for ps3 i place an order for the download but the email was in german so i have no clue how to pay for it please help

  • I let the guys at know about it jinoh