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PSP Go too Small? Use a Dual Shock Controller! |


Something I didn’t know until just now…but it makes perfect sense! With the inclusion of bluetooth support, you can now pair your Dual Shock to your PSP Go and play games the normal way!

We know there will be stands galore available for the PSP Go as there were for every other version of the PSP, so I’ll be making use of this although it does make it a tad less portable.

I came across this info on “10 Things You Need to Know about the PSP Go” list. The list went as follows:

1. It’s light. Really Light
2. You can use a Dual Shock 3 with it.
3. No UMD Drive
4. Full PSP game downloads only work with 1 PSP at a time.
5. PSP Go games are registered to your PSN account
6. You may need to buy some new accessories
7. Sony’s Media Go software will convert your media for free
8. You don’t need a PC to access the PSN Store
9. 16 GB of space isn’t alot.
10. Chicks dig it.

  • Kicks

    Where’d you see the “1 PSP at a time” info?
    That is enough to make me really consider not getting a go as I had hopes on using the content on my 2 psp’s. It is also enough to make me be willing to put up with the UMD whir a lot longer…..

  • Eddie

    Ofcourse it can only be on one PSP at a time. You can unregister and re-register a PSP to swap them..but it would be a pain.

    I mean if you can just load it to 2 PSP’s….thats just giving away free games. lol

  • Kicks

    Current PSP content can be activated on up to 5 psp’s
    This goes for ps1 content and current downloaded titles I have like Socom FTB2, Puzzle Quest, Killzone Liberation, and Field Commander.

    I have not tried Strikers 1945 Plus or Patapon 2 as I don’t have access to 2 psp’s at the moment. This makes my decision harder about what to do for my umd copies of wipeout pulse, jeanne d’arc, loco roco 2, and hot shots golf open tee 2 (if Sony ever announces that plan).

    Can you point me to the specific source you have for the single authorized psp? I’m not getting smart, but I’d like to read it. I’m hoping it wasn’t just an article that I glazed over.

    The PS3 currently supports multiple activations on most titles. The online only Warhawk and SOCOM do not support this. I actually go over to my friends house a lot and we play some of my purchased ps3 games on his system so that he can help me with some of the co-op specific things and then I deactivate his system when I leave. I don’t have to deactivate my home system first to achieve this

  • Eddie
  • “You don’t need a PC to access the PSN Store”

    I keep seeing this thrown around in relation to the PSPgo, but the fact is, you can access the PSN store on any PSP, and have been able to do so for quite some time.

  • Kicks

    I am truly not trying to argue with you at all, but two points on that article contradict themselves and they’re back to back points at that:

    4) Full PSP game downloads only work on one PSP at a time. Not a worry for most, but if you’ve gotten used to the five console limit for PlayStation 3 PSN titles, be aware that the limit here is a mere one. No more game sharing here.

    5) PSP Go games are registered to your PSN account. Why is this important? Because if you lose/break/damage or otherwise destroy your lovely PSP Go, your games are NOT lost. You can simply redownload them from Sony, as there will be a record of your purchase.

    So if you lose/break/damage your psp according to #5 you’d be able to re-download them from Sony. I’m not trying to argue in any way, but it doesn’t make sense.

    I lost out on one of my ps3 slots because didn’t deactivate it before I tried to fix it myself. I lost another because I forgot to deactivate my account on a friends ps3 when his launch 60 gb unit failed. I traded in my failed unit to gamestop and bought an 80gb model last summer. Sony allows 5 PSN activations on the PS3 to accommodate for those instances. Point 5 makes it sound like they’ll continue that model while point 4 completely speaks against that.

  • Kicks

    There are only certain ways you can deactivate a PSP console:

    – On their account management webpage using the usb cable and doing a system deactivation

    – On the PSP itself (pending it works)

    – I believe through the Media Go software, but I have not test this out.

    – Begging Sony for leniency.

    It sounds like the only way now will be if Sony themselves handles your console repair, but if you lose your PSPGo you’d then have to jump through hoops to access your paid content due to the single activation?

    Doesn’t make sense to me

  • Eddie

    lol you can debate me and/or and article without me getting upset..its ok. We are all wrong sometimes.

    I just don’t believe Sony will allow 40-50 dollar games to be shared. They are getting enough attention from devs on the 10 dollar games lol

  • Kicks

    I may have to spend a lunch break calling them 🙂

  • JimmyMagnum

    IMO, it’d be kinda inconvenient to use a dualshock controller, unless there will be an aftermarket stand to hoist the handheld up, because playing handhelds is dependent on you being able to have the screen directly facing you.

  • SicSemperTyranis

    I wonder why there is no Mac OS version of the Media Go? I hope Sony is going to release one.

  • No Kill Tayler

    @ Jimmy
    It makes games that much easier actually. I used this with retribution and it was amazing.

  • JimmyMagnum

    that’s not what I meant, I meant something to stand the system up so it doesn’t lay flat on a table, etc. Something to use so you dont have to set something behind it to prop it up, you know what I mean? Something like those little plate stands they have for collectors plates, except adjustable

  • Eddie

    There are always a million in one stands out for the PSP. I don’t see the PSP Go being any different.

  • Manny

    Im pretty sure the worthplaying article is wrong. The psp has always let you play games on up to 5 authorized machines for games and 3 for video. I even read all the ULA and it said nothing of the sort. Also, is the only site on the internet currently saying you can only use it on one psp.

  • Kicks

    forgot to post that I did call sony and the rules are the same. It can be active on up to 5 systems.
    The PSP Go cradle can be the stand and if you use tv out you can play them on the big screen…. (not that I’d want to)