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For You Final Fantasy Freaks |

As of right now, I’m not 100% sure if these will be made available in either North American or PAL territories, but Sony has announced at it’s SCEJ Press Conference the FFXIII Bundle, called the Lightning Edition, which includes a 250GB hard drive and is white with a red Lightning design on the face of the console (thanks to No Kill Tayler pointing out where to find the pic). The bundle will retail for 41,600 yen and will be for sale on December 17th, day and date with the standalone software.

Also of note, Final Fantasy VIII will be made available on the PlayStation Store (at least, in Japan) on Thursday for 1,500 yen. Hopefully it will hit state side and across the pond tomorrow as well. I’m sure one of my favorites, FFIX, will soon follow suit in a couple months.

  • No Kill Tayler

    I actually want one…

  • Could care less about FF13. Bring FFVIII to US PSN SE and I’ll be happy.

  • Eddie

    Oh hell yea i want one….won’t buy it..but def want it.

  • Ya .. pink? At least it’s 250GB