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Tekken 6 Wireless Arcade Stick Details & Box Art |

Tekken 6 Wireless Arcade Stick PS3 Slim

Finally some details about the wireless arcade stick. It’s not bluetooth for one, so that means a USB dongle which is a little disappointing, but oh well. I’ll be getting some rechargeable batteries for it unless it comes with some. But 40 hours of life is pretty decent.

PS3 Wireless Stick Spec

  • The first wireless PS3 arcade stick on the market
  • 8 button layout / Arcade style joystick and buttons
  • Integrated 2.4 GHz high-performance wireless technology for seamless game play
  • Licensed Tekken 6 artwork used on the plate design.
  • Transmission Range: Up to 32 feet
  • Battery life: Up to 40 hours on two AA batteries
  • Weight: Less than 2 ½ pounds
  • Maximum number of sticks: 7 (when using USB Hub)

The box art looks pretty sweet. Glad I’m getting the Limited Edition 🙂

[Source for costumes] [Source for Wireless Stick Info]

  • Legion213

    Tekken is my all time favorite fighting franchise. But Tekken 6 does nothing for me. I’m not even interested. They are just now adding breakable walls after this tech has been out for years now. But they market it as if it’s something we’ve never seen before. The graphics look like a PS2 game. Definitely not next gen in my eyes.

    They are not adding anything new with this game. Which is surprising because it took them so long to get this one out. It seems like they spent more time on the Story mode then the actual fighting mode.

  • Jonaskin

    I’ll agree, the graphics aren’t as amazing as I thought they’d be (I was absolutely blown away by VF5 when I first ran that on my brand new PS3 and HDTV – the waterfall stage – wow!), but it still looks good. And Tekken has always been the best 3D fighter IMO.

    I’ve always played Tekken perfectly well with a Dualshock, so I’m just going to stick with the regular edition…one thing I’m wondering though…still the Spiderman font box art?

  • My friends have played the arcade version and it’s amazing graphic wise. Screenshots don’t do it justice.

    @ Jonaskin
    Guess they finished the box art before the logo change.

  • Some preview sites are saying the only thing that looks next gen in T6 is the hair and facial animations.

    I don’t know what game they’re looking at. The snow stage alone looks great. Almost a month to go!

  • Bluetooth should lessen its requirements (royalty or technical), I’m tired of seeing propriety stuff. There could be a “bluetooth basic” standard or something..

  • looks great. what’s it retail for?

  • stef

    2 words: love it

  • stef

    (and its in sale now for 48 euro! and they have it for the ps3 and 360)