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Fumito Ueda “Keen” on Ico Collection a la God of War Collection |


So God of War Collection was announced in its 720p goodness with AA, trophies and a God of War 3 demo and the gamers have rejoiced. What if the same thing was done for ICO and Shadow of the Colossus? Ueda has expressed his interest in doing this exact project and it seems he knows that gamers would probably be just as excited if not more for this collection then the God of War one. I missed the Team Ico games for some odd reason when they came out so I would surely pick this up.

Team ICO’s Fumito Ueda, creator of ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the upcoming The Last Guardian, is “all for the idea” of such a collection, adding “he’d like to play the games on the PS3 (as well as on the PSP)”.

“I always thought they were designed for PS2 and should stay there. But lately, I’ve been thinking it would be nice to provide the games to other platforms to reach more users.”

“I do have an interest in that,” Ueda said during our Friday chat. “Next week, I’ll have a meeting [about the possibility] … But it might not be so easy, because, with both titles we really stretched the limits of the PS2. It’s complex. So it’s not such an easy transfer to the PS3. But I want to discuss it.”

Looks like the chances of this got real a little bit.

  • JimmyStewart

    I just picked up Shadow of Colossus in a going out of business sale for $4. I was going to play it on my 60GB console but I just moved that one to the bedroom to make room for my Slim. I for one would pick up this collection, I’ve heard such wonderful things! The only other PS2 collection I’d like to see is Kingdom Hearts. If they managed that I’d no longer worry about backwards compatiblity!

  • hobbes

    Gran turismo series

  • if it has trophy support i’d prob buy it. love these two games so much and to see them tuned up and plat sotc with a decent frame rate would be extraordinary.

  • Darrin

    People were screaming for this back in ’06-’07 when there wasn’t was very limited PS3 content. Now that there is so much good PS3 stuff, seeing upgraded PS2 titles is way less interesting.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I think a Jak and Daxter collection would be cool, too. One of the greatest platformer series to grace the PS2 (created by Naughty Dog, who also worked on the Crash Bandicoot games from the PS1 days). A blu-ray MGS compilation would work great as well!

  • Trieloth

    Even though I have beat both of these games I would buy them again in a heart beat if it came with trophies.

  • i too would buy and play these again if updated for ps3.

  • King32

    Yea, all the games you guys thought of i would most def but again. But for me i would like to see the GTA series remastered on ps3. Starting with gta 3 and even the gta stories.

  • Eddie

    Give me FF1-FF12 on one blu-ray disk and I’ll give $100 bucks for it.

  • p

    HD & trophy support and we’ve got a deal… and i own both games already.