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Uncharted 2 Review Scores |

The reason for this post isn’t for informative purposes. Who here doesn’t already know that Uncharted 2 is going to be the pinnacle of perfect games? 😛

All jokes aside…we can expect many people to devote many hours to this game and enjoy every last second of it.

Many reviews are in and lets see what they have to say!

PSM 105% (no joke) but we will call that 100%

Total Video Games – 100%

Playstation Offical Magazine Australia – 100%

GamesRadar gave it a 10/10

Playstation Official Magazine scored it a 10/10

Eurogamer believe it or not also gave it a 10/10

Eurogamer Spain 10/10

Eurogamer Portugal 10/10

CVG 10/10

Cynamite – 100 10/10

1UP A+ or 10/10 10/10

GamePro gave it a 5/5

NZGamer – 98

3D Juegos 97

PS3Focus gave it a 97

Vandal Online gave it a 96

Play UK 96%

XGN gave it a 96

IGN gave it a 9.5

Meristation also chimed in with a 9.5.


Videogamer – 90

Gamespy 90%

Current Metascore = 97 Currently #14 on highest rated game of all time on Metacritic.

It now has more perfect scores then Gears of War 2.

  • Jonaskin

    A 10 from Eurogamer is serious wow. They’re very anti-PS3.

  • JimmyMagnum

    The US PlayStation: The Official Magazine gave it 5/5. That was posted on the official blog a while back!

  • Mike

    I predict an 8 from Edge. Because you know, it’s not on Xbox and it wasn’t made in the UK.

  • yodaddy

    I have been playing the online demo, that has been a blast, I am taking 10/13 off from work to play this one !

  • JimmyMagnum

    I’ll probably still be unemployed so I’ll have the day off anyway lol

  • Eddie

    Uncharted 2 has 10/18 perfect scores already.

    GTAIV has 48/86

    Bioshock has 34/88

    Halo 3 has 10/86

    COD4 has 14/70

    GOW2 has 13/90

  • Eddie

    Sorry Halo 3 has 20/86

  • Mark

    Can’t wait for this one but has anyone noticed we are always waiting for sequels? My lust so far is FIFA 10, uncharted 2 and GT 5. Might try batman but apart from that where is the new ip? Heavy rain looks all promise and no substance.