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Uncharted 2 Demo Impressions |

Hey guys,

In case you didn’t know, the Uncharted 2 demo/beta went live yesterday. The game looks to be one of the highest reviewed games of this console generation, and it’s coming out in two weeks or so.

I tried the game out last night. When you choose to player multiplayer, you have to choose a class of game types, and then get to vote on two choices.

First I chose the Deathmatch class and ended up in a game of Elimination, where one team has to eliminate the other. Once you’re dead, you watch the rest of the match. Needless to say, I kept dying right away, got no kills, and definitely got no thrills. It was a really painful experience.

Next up I tried the Objective class and got in a game type (I forget what it’s called) where you have to capture 5 zones in order, and the enemy has to capture them in reverse order. It was quite confusing, and I couldn’t find which zone was the next one to capture. I think my teammates had the same problem, and we lost in a matter of minutes. I’ve played this game type in other games before, and it can by quite a lot of fun, so I’ll give it another try sometime.

This is where I got smart. I created my own match for me and my friends, of which there were none. 🙂 It gave me a chance to figure out the controls, and I discovered that there’s a mechanic for hiding behind obstacles! Who knew? Not me. And so I figured out how to throw grenades, switch weapons, jump, climb, etc.

Last up I played two Objective class games, and they were both the treasure hunt ones, where your team has to go retrieve a treasure and bring it back to home base. I don’t know if it was just because nobody else knew what was going on or what, but I did great! In one game I personally retrieved the treasure three out of five times, and in the second I got it four times. And I actually killed people instead of getting slaughtered! I finished at the top of the charts for the second game, and I think the first game too. It felt good, and it was a lot of fun.

The games are smaller matches with only eight or ten players, so it wasn’t crazy mayhem. You actually had a bit of time to think, skulk, and do whatever you feel like. Another cool thing is that the game has a set of eight good and eight bad characters. (Only five are unlocked at first.) You can choose a random character, or choose one yourself. So the characters on your team don’t all look the same, which is great. Identifying friend or foe is not a problem because all foes have their names in red and all friends have their names in green over them.

Once I understood the game, I had a blast. The graphics are awesome, the level design is fun. The game feels very different from any other shooter out there, and it’s a refreshing change.

  • Eddie

    Yea the one where you capture zones takes some strategy. The problem is everyone wants points.

    You start out with everyone running to zone 1 since its right where you spawn…getting to zone 2 is easy as well since it just a hop away. By the time zone 3 is ready to be claimed, you have both teams heading for it.

    Now the strategic way of doing it is splitting up. Have one man on 1,2,3 while the other 2 members head for 4 and 5.

    for ever zone you capture, it pushes the enemy back a zone, so they will need to reclaim the last zone they claimed again. So if you claim zone 3, they will need to reclaim their zone 2 again which puts 3 up for claim again.

    Its confusing at first, but its nice when you get the hang of it.

  • Yeah, I get all that. Well, except for one thing. In the other game where I played this mode, your team already started off with the first two zones. So both teams immediately went for the middle zone.

    You’re saying that this is not the case, and now it makes more sense! Ah hah!

  • Soild_Nat

    The online section of Uncharted is very fun. I can see the COD and BF types getting a bit bored of this fairly quickly once they have ranked up and unlocked a lot of content.

    However i like the slightly slower pace and the time to think so i can see myself playing this a lot. I think it will appeal to the MGS Online game players as i found the pace and settings of Uncharted to by very similar to MGS.

  • I found MGSO to be frustrating in the extreme. Just too much stuff there. Though I have to admit I gave up on it pretty quick like. But I liked Uncharted 2 (U2?) much better.

  • the best mode to start on is co-op. get to grips before taking on the real peeps.

    great demo though think i need to try that zone mode out. sounds complicated!

  • yodaddy

    deathmatch…. I have been playing this for about a week already… at max i had only seen about 2000 players on line…. it was 6000 something lastnight… yeah great time to level up…. but I only had abount 10 mins to play…. I am on it tonight for sure !

  • JimmyMagnum

    played deathmatch yesterday and just completely destroyed the competition on my first game lol. Had like an 8 kill streak going on before I finally got capped on a pistol and sniper rifle only match lol. Then did co-op and had a blast on that as well.

  • francois

    I had a lot fun playing that game last night. I like the cover system and the animation of the characters. I played maybe 8 games and noticed no lag or connection issue.

  • Gibb

    co-op Arena is great!

  • Steve

    I played this game for a couple of hours the other night and really enjoyed it. First I played a deathmatch game with no enemies in it to try to figure out the mechanics. Then I played an online deathmatch and managed to kill a few opponents, which is pretty rare for me in an online setting! Next Henning and Joshua were ready for some 3-player co-op action, which was a blast.

    We played the treasure hunt mode for a bit, three of us against what appears to be an infinite horde of enemies, and quickly had to come up with some kind of strategy for how to get the treasure, shoot the enemies, and heal whichever one of us had most recently gotten killed. I don’t think we ever came up with a particularly good strategy, but at least once (maybe twice) I managed to flank the largest group of enemies who were busy shooting at Henning and Joshua, and get the treasure to where it was supposed to be. That was satisfying. Minor gripes with this mode: the AI are not too intelligent if they are more willing to attack players who don’t have any treasure than to try to guard the treasure or attack the player who has it; and the treasure’s habit of magically teleporting back to its home base a few seconds after you set it down to shoot at someone is very unrealistic (compared to the rest of the game mechanics, I mean – of course it’s only a videogame!) and kind of off-putting.

    Then we played the co-op campaign mode (I think that’s what it was, anyway) which involved skulking around trying to achieve teamwork objectives while shooting at the baddies who kept climbing over the nearest wall.

    Overall the gameplay is a lot of fun. I was trying to figure out what Henning meant when he said this game feels different than any of the other shooters out there, and as far as I can tell, what they’ve somehow managed to do is to make everything feel just a little bit more realistic than what has gone before. I notice it the most when shooting a weapon, and slightly less so when moving about. I also like the scenery (gorgeous) and the animation (meticulously detailed). Since the game has a single-player campaign and pays a lot of attention to co-op modes, it’ll be high on my list!

  • JimmyMagnum

    I find the best strategy with the treasure is to just keep tossing it across the playing field. Pick it up when you’re nearby and drop it again, or, if you have the time, grab it and toss it further towards the goal.