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SkyTV To Hit PS3?

The XBox 360 recently got the SkyTV service seemingly exclusively, but it appears that the same service may be hitting up the PlayStation 3 relatively soon. According to this article on Paidcontent, there was a snippet in a 277 page public document released by SkyTV that stated:

The deal to provide Sky’s channels on the PS3 platform has not yet been made public and is confidential to Sky.

The document has since removed the line from the document, but this goes to show that the 360 may not have the SkyTV service exclusively after all. If you feel like reading the entire document, you can check it out here.

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Uncharted 2 Sells 1 Million!

This actually quite a milestone for a PS3 exclusive, but it looks like Uncharted 2 sold over 1 million units since it’s release worldwide, and it’s only been out, what, two weeks? Source

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God of War 3 Ultimate Edition $100


Wow…looks amazing!

Extra’s include:

Dominus Skin
Combat Arena 7 Unique Challenges
Heavy Metal Album
Trilogy Soundtrack
Art Book
Pandora’s Box

I’m not a huge GOW fan, but this is one awesome LE/UE game. I have a feeling this will sell like crazy.


Happy Halloween Eve!

How are you getting into the Halloween spirit today?
Did you dress up for work? If so what did you dress up as?
Any fun plans for the weekend?

I would love to see photos of your costumes! Photo of my costume after the jump. I also changed up the header image for Halloween, I’ll change it back on Sunday sometime.

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