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PSP Digital Copy Finally Included on Blu-ray |

There will be a PSP Digital Copy included with the Blu-ray for Godzilla and The Ugly Truth. These movies are out November 10th. Hopefully this becomes more common. This should have happened long ago honestly.

The PSP digital copy will only be accessible on the PS3, and will only play on the PSP.

“This latest enhancement to Blu-ray and Digital Copy demonstrates the versatility of the format and its ability to deliver a multi-platform video experience. It also showcases the unique advantage that the PlayStation 3 brings to the Blu-ray consumer.”

PSP Digital Copy Included on Sony Blu-ray Releases

  • These aren’t the first. There was also that SF movie with Keanu Reeves – The Day the Earth Stood Still.

  • Ah ok, I thought there where others. But I couldn’t remember.

  • Maybe there are, I don’t know either.

  • Steve fennell

    psp digital copy – what a joke. The unlock code for The Ugly Truth doesn’t work and Sony doesnt care – will stick with ipod in future – whats the point of having a portable platform and then screwing up the basic stuff?