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Aren’t You Glad You Stuck With PlayStation? |

   The Playstation 3, Sony’s successor to the popular PS2 , made it’s first public appearance in May 2005. Right out the gate Sony started with a bit of controversy by unveiling only CG trailers for alot of games that never saw the light of day. Square Enix’s FFVII tech demo being one of the few that were actually in real time. Fitted with a bluray drive, Cell and free online play,the PS3 came at a high price, $599 60GB or $499 for the 20 GB. Too much for a system that launched a year behind it’s competitor with a less than stellar lineup, according to some gamers, critics and analysts.

     For the following 3 years the PS3 lagged behind in sales to the Wii and 360. The system was branded Sony’s biggest failure by almost every one in the media and any hardcore 360 owner with an internet connection and a blog. Some well known names in the gaming industry voiced their negative opinion about the high cost of developing for the system and it’s hefty price tag. Third party developers, who refused to learn the ins and outs of the PS3, created less than flattering versions of their games for the system compared to the 360 counterpart. Some other third party developers were swayed by Microsoft in order to grab a few timed exclusives games away from Sony while others moved to a full multi-platform stance for both systems. Fortunately, Sony had it’s own in-house games that proved what the new system could do, in the right hands. Despite the competition’s bests efforts to derail the system ( and some missteps from Sony some would say ), Sony proved the PS3 was here to stay.

    Fast forward to 2009. The rumors were building for sometime. Everyone but Sony confirmed that a PS3 price cut and a new PS3 model was coming. They were right. This past August at Gamescom Sony officially announced the PS3 SLIM. This new model retailed for $299, was 33% smaller, 36% lighter, consumed 34% less power than previous models and included an upgradable 120GB hard drive. The SLIM sold over 1 million units in it’s first 3 weeks, selling more than the system did in it’s first 3 quarters of ’09. The PS3 is currently outselling the Wii in it’s home country. Not only did the HW move thanks to the price cut but in some parts of the world software sells recieved a boost as well.

         After some 3-4 years of negative press, sloppy ports, and pathetic marketing, Sony seems to be in prime position to take back the gaming crown that they lent to Microsoft. With AAA exclusives like Uncharted 2, Gran Turismo 5, God of War 3 ( and the GOW 1-2 rerelease ), Ratchet and Clank, Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, White Knight Chronicles, Heavy Rain, Demon’s Souls and numerous others releasing in the next 6-12 months, aren’t you glad you stuck with PlayStation?

  • hobbes

    just wish i still had my ps2 bc… still want to beat beyond good and evil

  • Darrin

    As an early fan of the PS3, I’m happy to see it doing so well both critically and commercially.

    I still would never say that I “stuck with” Sony. I’ve never been a Sony exclusive gamer and don’t ever want to be. I started writing here, on a PS3-exclusive site, years ago when I thought that there was so much quality software and content on the PlayStation platforms that got so little blog-style fan coverage. The great content on other platforms never had that problem.

  • JimH

    You have to give some credit to MGS-4 as it started the momentum that the platform is currently enjoying.

  • Mark

    I remember the flack I got from my mates when i went out and purchased the PS3 3 years ago, they all thought it was a rip off but when you added up all the bits for the Xbox it wasn’t that different. The machine is excellant now but I bought it back then on the promise it was going to get better. The games are top notch but the biggest driver for my friends getting one was DivX support and not Home as alot people thought it would be. As for the games i dont really mind if it’s exclusive as long as it’s good. FIFA 10 is brilliant and i think you can get a copy for nearly every format on the planet.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I see the PS3 as the “nerd” in high school. Everyone always gave the “nerd” the hard time, but the “bad ass” (360) got the most attention and made a name for himself on the first day of school. Unfortunately, once out of school, the “nerd” becomes more successful in the long run than the “bad ass” would ever be! The Wii is like that one kid who never fit into any cliques, but inherited money from a wealthy dead relative :P. That’s just my analogy.

  • GM – Luke

    Nice article, thought it was well done.

    @ JimmyMagnu. The point about the Wii is just wrong 😉

  • JimmyMagnum


  • Lordincubus

    I could not agree more to the Title of this blog. I love my PS3.

  • Isn’t this the girl in “My Sassy Girl”? I love that movie..

  • ales

    I’m an occasional gamer only. I bought PS3 two years ago mainly for its media player capabilities and as a Blu-ray player. I enjoyed it while I used it but now I feel like Sony got back its core teenage gaming audience and doesn’t care for its former “media hub for all the family” concept anymore. Media handling and support didn’t change much in two years, some very basic features are still missing and I see no prospect for getting them. The technical difficulties with the last Sony update and some bad design decisions didn’t help either. It is nice to have all the things in one place but I’m going to keep PS3 for games only and switch to another main device nevertheless.

  • matt

    Every console cycle I buy each console. Each has a lot to offer, as they all have exclusive games that I want to own. I prefer the 360 because of the controller (much more comfortable to me) and I love Xbox Live.

    I am glad the PS3 is finally in a price bracket many more can justify the expense. I know most of us knew there was value in the PS3.

    Here is to hoping that their exclusive games are better than we hope. If Uncharted 2 is a sign of things to come, I am really excited!

  • King32

    To me the ps3 has always been in first place. Its the most powerful console to date (tech wise) and to me has better exclusives than the other 2 consoles. Now im proud to say that im a sony fanbody and ive had the ps3 slim and fat. The ps3 is the best console ive ever played.

    P.S. Buying a ps3 slim in a couple of weeks if not def. in Nov. Look for me online.

  • JimmyMagnum

    man, I haven’t touched my 360 in a couple weeks lol

  • King32

    Dont get me wrong the 360 is a hell of a console. But once u tell me i have to pay to play online thats where i had to turn away. Im already payin for the internet, now i gotta pay to play my games and it 50 bucs. Soony is the best company ever built.

  • Bob Johnson

    The PS3 Is really amazing in graphics, but we had a 360 before and were happy, we bought it mainly for 2 reasons, Blu-ray,MGS4 and also MGS4 (i mighta said mgs4 twice, but its so freaking awesome)

  • JimmyStewart

    I’m not sure if I qualify as “stuck with PS3”, but I’m glad I bought one. The two (three now) that we’ve purchased have been great Blu-Ray players.

    Since we bought all the consoles, there just hasn’t been much reason to turn it on for games. I did try to get into what qualifies as AAA on the PS3… at least according to that list. None of them would qualify as AAA on the 360 side and that’s why I’m still extremely disappointed at the title selection. Of that list, I’ll be buying only God of War 3 (and R&C for my wife, but hardly because it’s a HUGE must have title). I do like the inclusion of NG Sigma 2, that wasn’t a AAA when it came out on the 360 however many months or years back. And to tack on, Heavy Rain does seem interesting.

    So I can’t say I’m disappointed as I bought my PS3s as media players and they do a damn good job on Blu-Ray. I don’t regret that one bit, but I did always hope it would at least be a decent backup gaming machine if not even an equal with my 360. And instead I find myself spending more time gaming on my Wii than my PS3. I’m still holding out hope that they come up with titles the rest of the gaming community would call AAA… looks like after God of War I’ll be waiting another year. I literally come to sites like these hoping to be impressed, I truly want to see the powerhouse of the PS3 unleashed. That’s what I’m ‘sticking around’ for.

  • King32

    Poor JimmyStewart, u must not know the game called Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. Play this game and you’ll never doubt the ps3 again. Better yet how bout this, on Oct 13,2009 a game called Uncharted 2:Amoung Thieves will be hitting store shelves, get this game and say bye bye to ur 360 and wii. This game alone will blow any game uve ever seen out the water and make it his bitch. One more this to Jimmy boi, if u wait til March of next year a little guy name Kratos will be knocking at your door.

  • I guess I’m the only one that owns a PS3 and zero bluray movies. All I wanted from the system are the games.

  • lordincubus

    Now that GOW3 is out along with FF3 I am even more excited about owning a PS3.