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Is it a Go or is it No? Impressions. |

You never realize how important that pesky UMD drive was until you lose it. Now that it’s gone, its comparably smaller, and it is quite the friend of your pocket.
I tested a couple games on both the 1000 and PSPGo such as Dissidia:Final Fantasy, Locoroco 2, and Castlevania:Symphony of the Night. (PlayStation 1 game, if you don’t know that.)
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With Locoroco 2, it is something you have to play with the screen down. Its quite the difference.With the exception of having to press the “O” button. The Go’s screen seems so crisp even under direct sunlight.
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Dissidia, feels more right with the Go. Naturally because of its tight controls and the analog stick on Go is well more balanced.(The only demo I used)
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Castlevania is pretty much the same except for the game isn’t in fullscreen mode and the colors seem more crisp. (I’m not sure if you can change this or not.)
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Now onto bluetooth. If you own a PS3 and the Go, you might as well connect your controller up to it and it makes games that much easier. For some odd reason I couldn’t connect my official headset from Sony. I tried tethering to my G1, and it worked fine. A little sluggish yes, but I wouldn’t recommend playing online unless you have an unlimited data plan. 😛

Buttons: the buttons are small, very small but feel more reliable. Sans the D-pad.

I heard somewhere that the processor is faster, and the only instance that I found this true was on the Playstation store when everything was quick and painless.

Final Verdict: If your upgrading, don’t. Its a great, little device, and very, very pocket friendly but its the same thing but with blutooth. If you haven’t picked a PSP yet, don’t go the 3000 route unless your the type of guy who rents games. Like many others, I want to know why Sony didn’t just put this device out first.

  • Kicks

    I personally love my PSP Go (3000 owner as well)
    I wanted something smaller that was more pocketable and the Go does that for me. I enjoy using wireless headphones (borrowed some from a friend while I wait to see what sony’s set brings to the table). It is really up to how you look at it. For me it does what I want and how I want it 🙂

  • Legion213

    I seriously don’t see how the PSP Go warrents a $250 price tag. Its the same as a regular PSP only smaller. Whoopy! How does the same hardware and software cost more simply because it is a new design? I mean come on. The PS3 is now $300 and you want me to pay almost as much for a handheld system?

    You also cannot use UMD games as it is download only. So any games you owned before are now useless.

    I’m all for a smaller design and download only as it makes it more convenient and accessible. However with the smaller design should of come a smaller price tag. Since it’s not bringing anything new to the original PSP. If It was around $100-150 I would see a lot more people buying it, including me.

  • Kicks

    See, I got mine for $206.12 shipped from dell with another 15% cashback from Bing 🙂
    I actually only owned 4 UMD’s because I hate the drive. So in the end I’m only spending $176 on the go

  • GM – Luke

    I also think it should go for $100-$150. Now I know what people will say “you want it practical for free”. But think about it, how in the hell are you going to rent games? No more UMD so now you have to purchase them from the PSN.

    Like Legion213 stated. The PS3 is $299 and you want me spending $250 on the GO? This tihng is going to sell like crap. It’s like the price tag on the PS3 before the price drops.

    It seems Sony finally got the PS3 marketing straightened out and they screw everything up on the GO.

  • No Kill Tayler

    EVERYONE calm down, i’m so tired of the hate for the Go. This is for people who aren’t board with the PSP. If you own a PSP, why the hell would you upgrade? Yes the bluetooth is convenient and, it is super pocket friendly.

    I love the Go, it is so much more convenient for me, I hated UMD and I couldn’t warrant to buy any of them or buy a memory stick, so the Go was dream come true for me.

    Like I said in the review, don’t pick this up if you have psp. If you don’t, go with the Go route. Needless to say that you can’t rent games.
    (rumor has it that sony is going to make rental program just for the Go, since its unhackable and the other PSP’s are. And you can just take the ISO’s from the rental program.)

    Plus, I showed people the Go and let them play it. And, most would say, “Wow how much is this?”
    “That’s not bad at all.”

  • Darrin

    The 16GB integrated flash is the big advantage to the Go for me. A 16GB Duo card for a PSP-3000 costs $75 which makes the Go a better deal on a new system. I bet that the ingtegrated flash drive is faster than a memory stick as well. Plus Bluetooth is nice as well, and the form factor looks nice.

  • JimmyMagnum

    if there were a rental service, I’d be OK with it. Other than that, I’m fine with my 1000, which I barely use anyway lol

  • Eddie

    Love my PSP Go. Great improvement over the previous PSP in all ways.

  • King32

    Thank you Legion213. Why in the hell does sony want me to pay for a psp that $250 when i can jus buy a PS3 for 50 bucs more. Thats jus down rite dumb. C’mon sony.

  • Eddie

    comparing the PS3 to the PSP Go is unfair in every sense of the comparison.

    The 16 gig IPOD Touch is $240…nobody is saying “for 60 dollars more you can get a PS3!”

    Different services offered by different products.

    Now don’t get me wrong….I agree the PSP Go is over priced, but I find the excuses people use to justify that general consensus are bogus and even rediculous.

    As for me…it was worth the $250. I’m getting great play time out of mine.

    Here is one small fact about the Go people overlook though. It is currently, the smallest PSOne on the market. It hooks right up to your tv and pairs up with a dual shock 3 making it the smallest most portable PSOne to date.

  • King32

    So eddie your telling me that ur would rather pay $250 for a psp when u can jus pay for a ps3 that does everything a psp can plus 1,000,000x better. I would rather pay for a psp-3000 than a psp go. That makes no sense what so ever. Also why pay so much for a psp when it cant even outsell the ds, and it never will.

    P.S. Fresh of the press: PSP GO’s are selling horribly and thats not coming from my mouth. First week sells for the new “and improved” psp SUCK!!!

  • Legion213

    It’s obviously not worth the $250 for a lot of people if no one is buying it.

    The fact is they are charging you more for the same system. The PSP has been out since 2005. All they did was make it smaller and give it a new look. I don’t care how portable it is. It’s and older system. Drop the F’n price.

    Maybe if they added some new features or something I could see the added cost. Like make a phone call. But nothing. They give you a smaller screen and added bluetooth.

    I’m sure its a great portable system. I’m sure those who want to pay more for older stuff are loving it. I had a PSP when they first hit but the games at that time where crap. So I traded it in for a DS. If they would drop the price to 100-150 dollars. I would consider buying another. But I’m not going to pay the same price i paid over 4 years ago for the same system.

    I expect once they see their sales they will consider dropping the price in a few months. I hope at least.

  • Legion213

    Oh and you could always hook your PSP up to your TV. Thats nothing new.

  • No Kill Tayler

    Did anyone notice that not everyone is up to date with news and prices, like us?
    You know how many people I heard that were going to go out and buy it, now that i’ve shown them.

    WOO, the PS3 is 50$ more. I already one. Next argument?
    “The price should be lowered” Yes it should be, and? So is that why people hate the Go, because of its price? That’s silly.

    I made this post specifically for people who were on the fence on buying one, if they already don’t own a PSP.

    Did you know if you got PSP-3000 and two 8 mini sd card and the converter, it would all equal out to 250$?

  • No Kill Tayler

    And Eddie never said that it was the first PSP to do components.
    You guys need to relax, the PSPGo is a great device. Expencive? Yes. Worth it? most definitely.

  • Legion213

    Actually, you need to relax.

    It’s over priced. Plain and simple. Everyone seems to agree that at $250 its an expensive piece of equipment for being out for nearly 5 years. The people who posted here are not the only ones who think this. It is all over the internet.

    The point I am trying to make about the PS3 being only $50 more. Is, look at what your getting with a PS3. Never mind that fact that you already own one. I own one also. But do you think the PSP Go is a good value for the about the same price of a PS3? I know its like comparing apples and oranges. But they are both game systems.

    Who said anything about hating the PSP Go? I don’t know where you even got that. I’m saying more people would be interested in buy it had they dropped the price to $150. Instead of charging us the same price of the original PSP in ’04. It’s almost as bad as what Microsoft does. Changing the HDD size and then raising the price of the same old system. Or still charging us $100 for a Wifi adapter.

    If someone wants to pay $250 for PSP Go then good for them. If someone is on the fence I would tell them to wait for a price drop. Or buy a PSP 3000. Since it can play UMD’s and Downloadable games. So if they wanted to they could buy used games for half price. But you’re not going to convince me that the PSP Go worth it that price tag. I would love to see how much it cost for them to make a PSP Go.

  • Legion213

    Tell you what though. If they added a second thumb stick on the PSP Go it would probably be worth $250 lol

  • No Kill Tayler

    I really wish they added the second thumb stick.

    I’m not going to lie, the Go was a dumb idea. Meaning, its targeted to such a small amount of people.
    What convinced me was that I never got into the apple ipod touch, but I really wanted the same for the PSP. Dream came true but, it shouldn’t have came with such a premium cost.
    Nevertheless, I’m extremely happy with it. I’ve put 2 movies on there and 5 games, and I still have a good 8 gigs left.

  • JimmyMagnum

    a second thumb stick would be great for sure, as would a couple more buttons to act as L2 and R2 (as far as location, that’d be up in the air). I think the best portable console would be one that feels like a controller, but then it’d be bulky and not pocket friendly lol. Make it a mixture between the Go and the dualshock controller and then it would be perfect, but that’s just me :P. I don’t ever go out to play PSP games anyway, so I could care less about it’s portable factor!

  • Eddie

    There is a lot of unneeded tension in these posts. Nobody needs to take anything personally. Game friendly site with opposing views by posters is perfectly fine and no reason we can’t have friendly debates. if anyone took my post as offensive I apologize. I’m speaking from a pure friendly debating demeaner.

    With that said, no comparison made in this thread is fair in the sense of if the PSP Go is a good product or not nor do they display why the PSP Go is overpriced.

    To put it simply, the PSP Go is overpriced because every handheld that launched around this price was a complete and total failure(i.e.Gizmondo, Tapwave Zodiac and TurboExpress). Not because the PS3 is 50 dollars more or the Wii is 50 dollars less, but simply because its priced above anything before it and probably most things after it.

    The PS3 launched at $600 dollars. Why would new products that don’t even compete against the PS3 use the PS3’s depreciated price as a guidelines for its pricing? The 1 and only reason people use this as a comparison is because the same company makes both products which is unfair to the product and the company for this subjective line to be drawn in the sand.

    To put it bluntly, it IS the best PSP to date. There are no and, if or buts about that. Every single detail of this PSP is better then the PSP’s of the past. That doesn’t warrant the $250 price tag in my opinion though. In the end…I think its still over priced, but am so glad I got one.

    MacLaren F1’s are overpriced also….doesn’t stop it from being my dream car….just stops me from buying one.

  • King32

    All Im sayin is that sony made a BAD move to price the psp go $249.99. To be honest i dont see it selling a million units until early 2011. Listen up ppl, if u are smart u will not buy this over priced handheld gaming device over a PS3. Which i will say again: ITS ONLY $50 MORE. Im a true sony fanboy and i will tell u rite now, PSP GO=EPIC FAIL

  • Eddie

    I’m absolutely loving my PSP Go and if you are a huge PSP fan, then you will be 100% pleased in buying it.

    I’m not a Sony Fanboy (I am a huge fan) and I will tell you that the PSP Go = best PSP on the market.

    Again I agree its overpriced, I disagree with your resentment of the product due to the price.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I could care less either way lol. The Go does have some nice features, but I’m more a sit-in-front-of-the-tv gamer than a portable gamer. Rarely ever use my 1000 (except for renting games, which, right now, you can’t do on the Go and is my personal biggest gripe with the system, with price second to that), but the Go has a relatively generous amount of free space at 16 gigs.

    Downside to that, though, is what Tayler unknowingly brought to attention. He has 5 games and 2 movies and already used up half the space. Given the limited amount of space like that, it would be hard to build a collection, especially since you can’t expand the memory. That’s the biggest reason why I prefer physical media as opposed to digital. That and the fact that if something happens to a drive loaded with digital copies of, say, games, you’ll have to redownload them (as well as replace the drive) when, if something happens to a physical game, it’s not going to affect the others.

    My personal reasons for not wanting a Go?

    • No way to rent titles
    • Price
    • Limited space/no expandable memory
    • No form of physical media

    I know the last one was the point of the system, but for reason number 3, it wouldn’t be such a big deal if it offered at least a 32GB drive (the iPod Classic has a 160GB drive and costs the same (albeit it’s not a gaming platform) but then again, iPods costs more than they should anyway).

  • King32

    Listen up ppl. Im gonna tell u the cold hard truth. If u have a psp 1,2 or 3000 there is absolutly no reason to upgrade to a psp go. Even better u cant even call it an upgrade because the only differnce is to purchase games for the go u but the via download from the playstation store. The price is way to high($249.99) and all the games u can download, u will be able to buy from a retailer. If u dont have one buy a PS3. Its only $50 more. C’mon ppl lets be smart here, and once again. PSP Go=EPIC FAIL. “Why sony Why?”

  • JimmyMagnum

    I wouldn’t call it an epic fail unless the 3000 sells more than the Go (as in sales since the release of the Go) and software sales don’t meet expectations. Until then, if enough people buy it and enough like it, then it’s far from a “fail”. The biggest fail would be if they didn’t sell at all and the people who did buy were all disappointed by it, but it doesn’t seem that way.

  • King32

    People are wasting there money on a device that doesnt do anything different. I mean would u pay that much money when again the ps3 is only $50 more. Why not buy a ps3 and i think that is whats going to happen, unless the psp go gets an huge price cut. From what the reviewers are saying is that there would be no point to buy a psp go if u already have a psp. So if the psp go sells do not surpass the orignal psp’s then yes the psp go would be a failure. I dont think u can play one of the best games ever made in uncharted 2 on the psp go. I mean software sells games and if there is not a good line-up of games then i think that the psp go will be discontinued. But like i said before i dont think that the psp go will sell 1,000,000 units before 2011.

  • No Kill Tayler

    You can expand the memory with the M2 card.
    And, i have 362 songs and 400 pictures on my Go. Space is not a problem, i’m sorry if that was your gripe.

    I REALLY miss renting games.
    @King32, i’m sorry but, why are you dissuading people? And, before you base an opinion on facts, go out and try the PSPGo at sony styles. It really feels that much of difference.

  • JimmyMagnum

    @Tayler: ah, OK, but I feel an internal option with at least 32GB would be better 😛

    @King: probably because some people want a portable experience? You can’t play the PS3 anywhere but on a TV (without any major modifications anyway. Anyone see that Ps3 laptop that one guy made?). Plus, the form factor is a lot more portable than the original design, and that seems to be a deciding factor as well. It doesn’t make sense to buy another PSP if the older ones do the same thing, but that hasn’t stopped Eddie or Tayler. They are enjoying theirs, so obviously it wasn’t a waste of money to them. Plus, the PSP has more AAA titles than a $300 iPod Touch…

  • King32

    Yea i get what ur sayin bout ppl wanting to play games without using there tv. Look all im sayin is this if u wanna buy a psp i just think the smartest choice would b a psp 3000. I mean your savin alot more money than u would buyin a psp go.

  • Eddie

    It wasn’t a waste of money for me at all. People made the same arguments when upgrading from the PSP-1000 to the 2000.

    What is factual…

    -Better, brighter more colorful screen.
    -Internal storage with an upgrade slot for an m2 card (instead of pro duo!)
    -bluetooth for PS3 controller or a2dp wireless stereo headsets
    -save state option so you can save a game at any point of the game and return at any time.

    So I’ll reiterate one more time…this PSP is better then all other models of PSP’s out there in every single way with the exception of being able to rent games. That part does blow.

  • JimmyMagnum

    you also forgot since it’s smaller, it’s also more portable since it’s more along the size of a cell phone. Given the extra features it does have, the price doesn’t look too bad from the core package of the 3000 (which is $170). It depends on your needs I guess. The option of being able to use the PS3 controller is a huge plus for people with larger hands like myself

    Also, it comes with 16GB built-in storage as opposed to the core pack’s lack of any memory cards. So here’s what we got in comparison so far:

    – Go has 16GB internal memory / No form of memory in the 3000 Core
    – Go has a higher quality screen/more vibrant
    – Go has bluetooth allowing for headsets and DS3 controllers
    – Save state option on Go / 3000 usually saves the state of current game as long as you don’t leave the game and let the console sit for an extended period of time

    So the Go is a better console, and looking at those upgraded features, the price is actually pretty realistic. Could Sony lower the price of the go to, say, $200? Sure, but that’d be a huge hit in profits (if they’re making anything off of it in the first place)! I most likely won’t get a Go since I rarely use my own PSP anyway (I would probably pick it up if I were a handheld kind of guy though).

    If you have no such use for it, then don’t buy it, simple as that. It’s far from an “epic fail” though :P. We’ll just have to see what happens with sales over the next year or so before we can determine if it was a flop or not.