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PSN Content now available on Amazon |

Amazon just recently added PlayStation Network games for purchase. I don’t notice any deals, if you notice any let us know. A couple postivies I see are:

  • Easy way to give the gift of a PSN Game
  • No sales tax
  • Can use Amazon Gift Cards I assume
  • Don’t need to use the PSN Wallet

When you buy it you get a code that you redeem on your PlayStation 3. Do you think you’ll use Amazon to buy your PSN content? I wonder how quickly it’s updated. Still a great option though.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I like that option. I was kind of hoping they would do something like that for a while now. All we need now is downloadable game rentals that work basically the same way as the video store lol

  • GM – Luke

    I am with you on that, it would be awesome to just rent games from there… I am guessing that isn’t to far off.

    I think that’s already rumored for the PSP GO. I would even like it if you could just download the full game from the PSN instead of going out and buying the thing.

  • I’d been thinking about buying Flower. Maybe this will be a good chance to try’s new option. Funny enough, now that Amazon has a used video game buyback program, you can convert your used unwanted games to new PSN stuff.

  • Flower is really a great game. I like it, even got my wife to play threw the whole game!

    Here are my impressions on Flower

  • I like the sound of this.

  • Tosh, it took a while for me to understand “threw” was not the past form of “throw” but a funky version of “through” 🙂

    As I’ve seen elsewhere on forums, it won’t let me buy stuff as my address is a turkey address. No sales tax would be real nice 🙁

    Anybody with a personal paypal account could buy me the codes if necessary? I’d pay upfront 🙂 (I currently don’t have a problem buying from the store, tho)