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PSN Content now available on Amazon |

Amazon just recently added PlayStation Network games for purchase. I don’t notice any deals, if you notice any let us know. A couple postivies I see are:

  • Easy way to give the gift of a PSN Game
  • No sales tax
  • Can use Amazon Gift Cards I assume
  • Don’t need to use the PSN Wallet

When you buy it you get a code that you redeem on your PlayStation 3. Do you think you’ll use Amazon to buy your PSN content? I wonder how quickly it’s updated. Still a great option though.


  1. JimmyMagnum

    I like that option. I was kind of hoping they would do something like that for a while now. All we need now is downloadable game rentals that work basically the same way as the video store lol

  2. GM - Luke

    I am with you on that, it would be awesome to just rent games from there… I am guessing that isn’t to far off.

    I think that’s already rumored for the PSP GO. I would even like it if you could just download the full game from the PSN instead of going out and buying the thing.

  3. I’d been thinking about buying Flower. Maybe this will be a good chance to try’s new option. Funny enough, now that Amazon has a used video game buyback program, you can convert your used unwanted games to new PSN stuff.

  4. Flower is really a great game. I like it, even got my wife to play threw the whole game!

    Here are my impressions on Flower

  5. I like the sound of this.

  6. Tosh, it took a while for me to understand “threw” was not the past form of “throw” but a funky version of “through” 🙂

    As I’ve seen elsewhere on forums, it won’t let me buy stuff as my address is a turkey address. No sales tax would be real nice 🙁

    Anybody with a personal paypal account could buy me the codes if necessary? I’d pay upfront 🙂 (I currently don’t have a problem buying from the store, tho)

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