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MGS: Peace Walker Demo Today! |

MGS: Peace Walker Demo

Today is the day, everybody! It went live on it’s official Japanese page at 6:00 PM, Japanese time. There is one catch, however: it’s entirely in Japanese. For those of you who can’t speak Japanese, IGN has within it’s forums an ongoing thread about the controls and available levels located here. You can also download the demo itself from IGN found here, which includes another link to the walkthrough thread. Please note that this is the same demo released by konami at TGS.

Here are a few steps required for your PSP to play the demo:

  • First, you need Firmware 6.0 on your PSP.
  • Next, download the file from here and unzip it .
  • After that, install the file by going into USB Mode on your PSP.
  • And lastly, go to the PSP folder, then the game folder, then drop “NPJH90063” into that folder.

I haven’t had the luck nor time to play the demo myself, but, by all means, have fun with it and report back on how it was!

  • I need to update my CFW PSP so I can play this.

  • AznFriday

    Sorry, Tosh, if this was slightly off-topic. I’ll try to keep them more PS3 related in the future.

  • It’s fine to throw in some PSP news off and on. 🙂

  • AznFriday

    Lol, okay. Thanks!

  • Mike

    I downloaded a Japanese demo from IGN last week. Is this new?

    • AznFriday

      No, It’s the very same one. Today, though, just marks the public release of the demo from Konami outside of TGS.

  • @Tosh CFW 4 Lyfe, you and me bro. Keep it off topic. On topic, I don’t understand Japanese so com’on.

  • Hi,
    MGS is really great series and this game also give more success to this saga.The pics show great game-pictures and the graphics looks stunning.